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  1. dlcpa

    dlcpa Well-Known Member

    What is most important to seniors when it comes to cell phones? They must be easy to read. I remember when my kids got GameBoy, I couldn't see detail enough to play it.

    Check out this Endgadget article:

    Nielsen: Soon-to-be seniors adopting smartphones faster than any other age group -- Engadget

    Seniors don't want to carry around a tablet because they'll leave it somewhere by mistake...actually that can happen to any of us. They are also hard to type on. I am now wrapping up my laptop to go to a doctor's office with my wife for a procedure. If I had a note, I wouldn't have to do it but the Storm2 is too small for the web. It's OK for the NY Times but not entire web pages. I can't even use a tablet for my tax programs so, really what is the point?

    Verizon, get moving on larger phones.

  2. JamesSJ

    JamesSJ Well-Known Member

    I am not a senior yet but am having trouble reading very small print without reading glasses. I want to get my first smartphone but the print is too hard to read. This phone would solve my problem.

    Verizon, please stock this phone ASAP.
  3. dlcpa

    dlcpa Well-Known Member

    I use this example all the time, when I was a young father y kids had GameBoy, it was so dark and so small I couldn't see a thing on it.

    I can read my BlackBerry Storm 2 for most apps, the NY Times or Twitter or Facebook but once I get to the web, it's very hard to read, sometimes even with the column view. During allergy season, reading is even harder.

    What would be perfect fore me is take a phone the size of the Note and have two panels slide out from the back of it giving a 16/9 screen with 2 seams.

    But, having a Note and my ThinkOutsideTheBox Bluetooth keyboard that works under the HID profile, I can turn my phone sideways and have a very nice full screen (without wasting space of a virtual keyboard) to type to, from a full sized keyboard.

    Like I've said, I don't want a tablet because I have two laptops and the tablet cannot fulfill most of the function I do on the laptops. Plus, typing on it stinks as you have to lay it flat to get any speed.
  4. seepage

    seepage Well-Known Member

    Does Verizon have an unusually old clientele?
  5. dlcpa

    dlcpa Well-Known Member


    Not that I know of. I addressed my plea to Verizon because that is what I have but it pertains to all the carriers. If you ask anyone over 40 or anyone with allergies, bigger is better unless they have small hands or rarely use their phone for anything but phone calls and contacts.
  6. seepage

    seepage Well-Known Member

    Its the easiest and best to look at phone my old eyes have seen.
    Its also very sharp. I dont need spectacles to use it.
  7. JamesSJ

    JamesSJ Well-Known Member

    Most anyone approaching 40 is going to have problems with the fine print on Smartphones (which is why I returned 2). This phone would open up a new market segment for Verizon and others.
  8. mp33er

    mp33er Member

  9. mightymoose02

    mightymoose02 Well-Known Member

    I have a Galaxy SII and waiting on a Note.

    My 83 year old grandmother uses a iPhone 3G. She's efficient at it.

    I must say... I think Apple wins big time when it comes to user-friendliness.

    I doubt Seniors will want to use a Note. It's not like the this generation of senior citizens are super gadgety people. In fact, overall, they probably suck at using gadgets.

    I agree though about the difficulty in reading on a smaller smartphone. I have bad eyes (genetics) and I usually buy BIGGER display machines. My macbook pro is 17 inches (the largest of its kind) and owned Infuse 4G and now Galaxy S2. I usually increase the font size on browsers so that I am not straining my eyes.
  10. Dominick_7

    Dominick_7 Member

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