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verizon straight talk ?General

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  1. britchick88

    britchick88 Well-Known Member

    I think that I want this phone.... I will be getting in on verizon straight talk. I want to check that when rooted, I can still tether :) (using foxwi? will quick settings not work?) I currently have an LG Optimus V through virgin mobile but their coverage is not great where I am going to be working soon so... this seems like the answer :) Is there anything I should know before I buy it?

  2. DarkJedi

    DarkJedi Well-Known Member

    FoxFi does not require root.

    Only suggestion is to locally buy your Proclaim at a Walmart (not online) and thoroughly test it for any problems. Common issues we've seen are with the screen rotation sticking, and the screen flickering when in low-light areas (like at night). Get it exchanged at the Walmart store right away.

    Once you have one that works right, they seem to stay working right.
  3. britchick88

    britchick88 Well-Known Member

    But rooting will remove the bloat right? Why wouldn't I do that
  4. DarkJedi

    DarkJedi Well-Known Member

    You should only need to remove "bloat" if you need the space the bloat apps took up. Have you already used up all your internal storage?

    Also, I didn't see nearly as many "bloat" apps on the Proclaim as on other phones. What "bloat" apps do you want removed, assuming you need the space?
  5. mynamestiki1

    mynamestiki1 Active Member

    I just picked one up tonight. Took it out of the box, turned it on, and rooted it. The only phone Ive ever found easier to root was the Virgin Mobile Optimus V. The phone has its own root kit, pm me and Ill send you links if you want. I havent noticed any issues with my screen or the auto rotation yet but its only been out of the box for a few hours and hasnt even been activated with straight talk card yet. I use basically NONE of the stock software on the phone, so like you plan to do, I bludgeoned it repeatedly with nobloat. Software is still perfectly stable.
    One thing I cannot figure out is why my pc views the phone as a cd drive when I plug it in to use it for mass storage. When I try to transfer files to it, it says the disk is write protected. I gotta screw around with it more tomorrow, Ill post results.

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