[Verizon] Stuck on splash screen after root

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  1. mpitaji

    mpitaji New Member

    I'm stuck in a bootloop on my Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4, and I could really use some help! I'm new to the rooting world, but am comfortable learning/doing technical things.

    When I got the phone home, the first thing I wanted to do is kill all the bloatware. Only disabling seemed ridiculous, so I read up on rooting and followed these directions.

    Once I was back, I installed Titanium Backup and just started gutting it. Everything seemed like it was going well until a day later I noticed that the Gallery app wouldn't load. I forced quit, cleared the cache, and then rebooted the phone. This is when I hit the bootloop.

    I thought maybe I might have cut too deep and I couldn't recall if I had rebooted after removing all the bloatware, so I decided I would just factory reset (being a new phone). This didn't help. So, I thought I would wipe the cache partition, then factory reset. No change.

    So then I thought I would re-flash using the stock kernel from the link above. No go.

    Then I did all of the above a couple more times just in case.

    At this point I'm completely at a loss, and I can't find information online that I either haven't already tried, or seems relevant to the verizon S4.

    I would be so very grateful for any help, pointers, assistance... small miracles. And cheetos.

    Thanks for reading!

  2. mpitaji

    mpitaji New Member

    Whew! I finally managed to get this working by following this forum post on xda developers.

    It was all about finding the right file. In previous attempts I was downloading a kernel file, not the full stock ROM.

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