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  1. Richman21

    Richman21 Well-Known Member

    Thanks, I actually called Verizon yesterday and asked, and the rep said since it is brand new and never activated I can keep my insurance that I have currently on my TP2. Thanks for your help, I'm sure I will more questions when I receive my phone.

  2. Boston2AZ

    Boston2AZ Member

    Viperboy or anyone who can help - I have a case on my Eris, so it's almost impossible to feel it vibrate. I switched to the Old Phone ringtone turned all the way up. Is there a ringtone that is louder than that one? Is it possible to increase the number of times the phone rings, so that I have a better chance of hearing it before it goes to voicemail? Also - and the bigger problem - is that I can't hear the Notification sound. Any hints on how to fix/improve that? Thanks so much for the help!
  3. jamnike

    jamnike New Member

    I went to check my text messages today and when i clicked the message it said the persons name. when i opened the message the phone numbers were showing no names. when i went into contacts, it had deleted everyone!
  4. vtmtnbiker01

    vtmtnbiker01 Member

    Is there any reason that the push notification on the Facebook app will not work on myh DROID?
  5. shrosin

    shrosin New Member

    Hi There,

    I am a mac user who is very happy with my HTC droid eris. The one complaint is that when I sync my photos to my phone they do not transfer according to folder or categories they had previously been sectioned into in iphoto. instead when I open my photos on the eris they are all jumbled in one large folder.

    there must be a way to create new/smaller photo folders. Instead of just 'all photos' i would like to have 'winter vacation 2010', 'wedding', etc...

    what am i doing wrong?
  6. ReJe75

    ReJe75 Well-Known Member

    I use Handcent SMS and if you go to settings ->Notification Setting -> at the very bottom there is an option for vibrate on call. Hope this helps. I am sure other sms apps have a similar option
  7. jphenderson

    jphenderson New Member

    Try this (read the warnings and use at your own risk)
    Contacts won't sync from HTC Eris to GMail Account - Google Mobile Help

  8. pajwin

    pajwin New Member

    Thanks for the offer. Any forthcoming fix to emptying the email trash folder?
  9. bobjitsu

    bobjitsu New Member

    I've turned off the vibrate setting under android keyboard settings but still get vibrations with every screen touch.
  10. John Connor

    John Connor Active Member

    not sure if this has been asked yet ...

    but my droid keeps randomly deleting my text messages,,, almost on a weekly basis and its getting pretty annoying... is verizon tech support or anyone aware of this problem????... is there anything i can do to fix it?.. i Google "droid deleting text messages".. and it seems many people are experiencing this problem.. hope you can help
  11. IamReady

    IamReady Well-Known Member

    Are you using the stock messaging app? If so, there is a setting for Delete old messages as limits are reached... maybe this is your issue???

    Hope that helps...
  12. IamReady

    IamReady Well-Known Member

    Go to settings, Sound and Display, scroll down and uncheck Haptic Feedback. That should take care of it...
  13. ibm650

    ibm650 Member

    Is the Droid email client going to be fixed to work reliably with imap. Also, it lost some outgoing email. K9 is better but will not work with TLS and imap.
  14. Purplebabydragon

    Purplebabydragon New Member

    I am feeling like a dummie and this is my third "smartphone" but how do I save MP3 from text messages?? I can't seem to figure it out on my ERIS. Please help, thanks.
  15. dexteraustin

    dexteraustin New Member

    any sound or vibrating that u cant get to go away go to settings then to accessibility and turn accessibility off and it should fix it
  16. dexteraustin

    dexteraustin New Member

    go to settings then to accesibility and turn accessibility off just figured it out its been drivin me nuts as well hope this helps
  17. jonah713

    jonah713 New Member

    How can I turn my bluetooth on? When I click the box where the green check is suppose to appear nothing happens , and the words turn on bluetooth comes back on again...any help much appreciated.
  18. jmlebbon

    jmlebbon New Member

    :)Hello Maybe you can help me How do disable pop up blocker on the Droid Phone Help I need to access my on-line course
  19. Shadowtech

    Shadowtech Well-Known Member

    Open the browser, click the menu button. Click more and select settings. Scroll til you see "Block pop-up windows" and deselect it.
  20. pretzel73

    pretzel73 New Member

    I am unable to reload my email account. every time
    I try to load it tells me it is unable to open connection to server.
    when i bought the phone it had the same problem then the tech guy brought it in the back
    and came back out working.
  21. txangel318

    txangel318 New Member

    Hi I just got a new Droid Eris yeasterday and I can seem to find out how to set the alarm clock,would you please help me out?
  22. javrock

    javrock New Member

    what email accounts are supported by my droid? ist there a link/site where I can see the different types? im also a verizon rep. and i get this question periodically. thanks!

  23. dlee

    dlee New Member

    I am recieving e-mails on my droid. However, I cannot open. It says sorry can not process
  24. BiGMERF

    BiGMERF Well-Known Member

    welcome to the forum, glad to have you aboard!
  25. 3devious

    3devious Well-Known Member

    What program are you using to read them?
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