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Verizon UPDATE screwed some things up for me :(Support

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  1. Plaigh

    Plaigh Well-Known Member

    I received my Galaxy S4 yesterday & all things went fine. This morning Verizon / Android had an "update" that said would take roughly 14 minutes to install. Went through all that & now when I try to load Google Play store it pops the app up & right back off. If this is Verizons idea of an update I'm pissed. :mad:

    Any ideas?

  2. Plaigh

    Plaigh Well-Known Member

    I think I got it - I found this after Googleing it (that sounds weird "googleing it" lol)

    i) Check the Application manager--> Google play store --> All --> clear cache--> clear data
    ii) Check for Download manager is enabled in Application manager --> All -->Last-Bottom task "Download manager Disabled"
    iii) Download manager --> clear cache--> clear data
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