[Verizon] Using Titanium Backup to restore backed up text messages

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    Jul 10, 2011
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    I backed up my apps and data on my rooted D3 via Titanium Backup Pro. I want to transfer them over to my rooted S4. I tried a few of the files and copied them to the SCH-I545\Phone\TitaniumBackup folder. The files start with com. They seem to restore just fine when I select apps and data. So that's great.

    Now the question I have is I want to transfer my text messages (both SMS and MMS) over. I backed them up and they appear as file "com.keramidas.virtual.XML_MESSAGES-20130731-031747.xml.gz" and com.keramidas.virtual.XML_MESSAGES-20130731-031747.properties. Since I'm going from a D3 to S4, will the S4 be smart enough to restore these texts so that they appear with the Android 4.2.2 text messaging app? TIA.


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