Verizon vs Sprint, Help!

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  1. InTheCreek

    InTheCreek Well-Known Member

    I'm in the same boat...trying to decide between Sprint & Verizon.

    Haven't had a cellphone in years.

    We average about 700 minutes of total phone time per month, have never texted & probably never will. About half that talk time is to Verizon lines.

    I want an android (Incredible or Evo) and the wife wants a basic flip phone (talk only).

    With Verizon, I can get 700 minutes (which will be enough) for $70 - then add $30 for net on my line, & the total is $100

    That's the cheapest route for us.

    HOWEVER, for only $30 more, I could go with Sprint and get 1500 minutes, texting, and net for both phones.

    I'm at a point now that I really need a phone.
    Both carriers are good in my area (Verizon only slightly better)

    The Incredible will be out before the Evo - so that is leading me toward VZW (that plus the cheaper plan)

    I do get 20% off VZW and 22% off Sprint

    What if I DO go with VZW and don't get the texting option?
    If someone sends a text will I be charged for it, or do I have to accept it to be charged?

    Any and all suggestions welcomed!

  2. 330D

    330D From My Cold Dead Hands VIP Member

    If you like new phones, sprint gets an upgrade every year on the primary line. I believe VZ is 2 yrs for an upgrade.
  3. IOWA

    IOWA Mr. Logic Pants Moderator

    You may want to double check your numbers. Verizon *loves* to hide charges.
  4. InTheCreek

    InTheCreek Well-Known Member

    Okay - check what?
    what type of hidden charges and where would I find them?
  5. IOWA

    IOWA Mr. Logic Pants Moderator

    Post the exact details of what you'd like on your plan, and the phones you will be using. I mean everything. Texting data etc etc. I'll figure it out for you =D
  6. InTheCreek

    InTheCreek Well-Known Member

    Like I said earlier, all I need is 700 minutes of talk time.
    If I get more that's fine, but 700 will cover us.

    I want an android device & the other phone will be a basic flip phone.

    Nothing else.
  7. IOWA

    IOWA Mr. Logic Pants Moderator

    So no texting whatsoever? I'm not sure if vzw requires texting on android phones... gonna have to look into that.

    Even still, talk and text on vzw is 99.99 plus $30 for your data so your looking at a baserrate of $130 per month on vzw. I am *almost* positive vzw requires text on anything that isn't a dumbphone. Even what they deem "featurephone" requires messaging, I think. So yeah $130 monthly on vzw.
  8. albiewan

    albiewan Well-Known Member

    You pretty much covered what I was gonna ask. I've been with Verizon for 8 years and, other than the cost factor, have had few complaints. The Evo has captured my imagination and, after being overwhelmed in the Incredible thread, this section of the forum is much calmer. I am leaning towards the Incredible but that little voice in my head says: "Are you know after playing with that HD2 WinMo at T-Mobile to get a feel for the Evo, you can't be serious?" Hate that...
  9. andiron

    andiron Well-Known Member

    One thing that seems to be getting glossed over a bit is the impact of WiMax. Will you have WiMax in your area? This is a tie breaker unto itself! Also, you can look at phone preference. From what I can tell the EVO 4G outshines the Incredible. Each phone will have a few things in it's favor...but 4G, a larger screen, and HDMI OUT are all very nice advantages. Some people will debate the size and say it's a disadvantage. Some will say AMOLED is better...while some really like the the screen will by TFT LCD. The main thing to do is to look at your local calling area. If you can have a plan that is even the same price....but will have a faster internet connection and has an "as good as" if not better phone....then the choice is obvious.

    This choice is going to be individual....but once you answer the questions about calling area, hardware, and's decided!

    Good luck!
  10. Autosuggestion

    Autosuggestion Well-Known Member

    You can't "accept" a text, if you receive it, you are charged for it.
  11. i VTAK

    i VTAK Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure about Sprint or VZW, but I have a friend on AT&T with a regular flip phone. I was sending him texts and after I sent him a few, he called me back telling me he doesn't have texting. He said it just shows him I sent a text, not what the text was though. I'm not sure if it's a setting on his phone, but he acted like it wasn't charging him.
  12. IOWA

    IOWA Mr. Logic Pants Moderator

    You might be able to block texting completely through the carrier.
  13. egkor

    egkor Well-Known Member

    With Sprint I'm pretty sure you can do that.
  14. gruss

    gruss Well-Known Member

    You ban block txt on VZW. They also do NOT require a txt plan on anything. Watch which phone you order as data is required on some phones that it shouldn't be. THere t2t phones are solid though and don't require data. Not sure what hidden fees folks are talking about? They aren't cheap but I had way more "surprises" with my sprint bills. Granted that was a few years ago.
  15. IOWA

    IOWA Mr. Logic Pants Moderator

    Ah ok. After some review, it was ATT who requires texting on anything considered a messaging phone.
  16. BJ_Sprint

    BJ_Sprint New Member

    Hey Droidtime, my name is BJ DeHut and represent Sprint online as their SprintCareGuide. It sounds like you have done your research. Though there are a few ways you could save even more and that is with plans like Any Mobile which allows for free mobile to mobile (most conversations these days) conversations. Also, as previously mentioned in the comments, if you go for a more barebones plan (which sounds like it will be the case) you
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  17. nbenn06

    nbenn06 Member

    VZW and Sprint both have their strengths and weaknesses. I had Verizon, ATT, and Sprint. (in that order too). ATT is not great and I think everyone will most likely agree. I then went with Verizon. Verizon had decent coverage but I had problems where I use my phone the most. Like in my house. I would get dropped calls all the time. My texts and voicemails would come 2 hours late. My final choice was Sprint. My coverage is great and dependable. But my advice is take advantage of the 30 day trial and see what works best for you. What has the best coverage. Only YOU can decide on whats better for you. You need to experience things for yourself. Everyone has the 2 cents but its where they live thats the best and thats why they most likely use it.
  18. konabrown

    konabrown New Member

    This was very helpful. Appreciate the info BJ_Sprint.
  19. tqlla

    tqlla Well-Known Member

    Whoops, I didnt realize this thread was resurrected
  20. Cherbear

    Cherbear New Member

    First - thank you all for your input regarding this annoying issue. I can't decide on which smartphone to purchace or if I should switch carriers.

    I have been a loyal Verizon customer forever and have never had a problem - until falling in love with the new Samsung Galaxy s II and Verizon doesn't carry it. I would need to switch to Sprint and am a bit nervous about switching... I have read everyone's input on Sprint vs Verizon and it has helped me a great deal... but I am still on the fence!

    If I stay with Verizon - I am thinking about getting the HTC Thunderbolt... any suggestions?? I welcome the wisdom of the collective! Any insight regarding which of these two phones and carriers to chose from, would be most welcomed! Thanks!

  21. repinphilly247

    repinphilly247 Well-Known Member

    If you stay with verizon, i would get a different phone than the Thunderbolt. The thunderbolt has old hardware (essentially an Evo4G). The next nexus (Nexus Prime / Galaxy nexus) is probably going to be announced tonight, with the rumors coming to verizon for $299 on Nov. 10th.

    I'm on Sprint sitting on an upgrade, and I will either be upgrading to the SGSII Epic Touch 4g, nexus prime (if it comes to sprint and not exclusive to verizon) or the iphone4s. 95% likely staying with android though. If you get good coverage with sprint, you can't beat the price, especially if on family plans. On a family plan with 5 phones (my 2 lines plus my sister's 3) and it's less than $50 a phone, all with TEP (23% discount though). The coverage is slightly worse than verizon (mainly building penetration) here in Philadelphia, but if i took my 2 lines to verizon, it would be like $80-90 per phone. Not going to pay $30 more dollars a month for slightly better service, although LTE does sound nice.
  22. wirelessrev

    wirelessrev New Member

    Cherbear - I have a similar problem.

    I am currently on a Grandfather data plan for Verizon Wireless. I have the following plan

    1400 Min with Text - $100
    Line 1 Unlimited Data - $29.99
    Line 1 Access Charge - $9.99
    Line 2 Unlimited Data - $29.99
    Line 2 Access Charge - $9.99

    Total: $179.96

    My discount is 15% off of the plan and 12% off of data for the primary line.

    1400 Min with Text - $85 (was $100)
    Line 1 Unlimited Data - $26.39 (was $29.99)
    Line 1 Access Charge - $9.99
    Line 2 Unlimited Data - $29.99
    Line 2 Access Charge - $9.99

    Total: $161.36

    Sprint charges the following
    1500 Min Everything Data - $129.99
    Line 1 Premium Data - $10
    Line 2 Premium Data - $10

    Total $149.99

    I get a 15% discount off of Sprint
    1500 Min Everything Data - $110.49 (was $129.99)
    Line 1 Premium Data - $10
    Line 2 Premium Data - $10

    Total - $130.49

    Sprint is $30.87 cheaper than Verizon.

    However my biggest concern is the technology that drives these companies.

    Verizon has the largest LTE network in the nation. Sprint is about to roll out an LTE Network in 2012/2013?

    If I switch to Sprint, I'll forever lose my unlimited data with Verizon but will save $740.88 over a period of 2 years. However I'm big on Apple's iPhone and one day they will get 4G Technology and I don't know if I should switch to Sprint or stick with Verizon Wireless.

    I've also heard that Sprint's customer care is terrible and disorganized.

    The area's that I live in or frequently visit are the following

    NJ (08052, 08002, 08103, 08831, 07728, 08857)
    Pennsylvania (19019, 19406)
    Delaware (19702)
    NYC (from Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island)

    Both Sprint and Verizon say that their coverage is good. Sprint has 1 area which they report as "low" and that's 08831.

    Your input, personal experiences would be very helpful in helping me.
  23. suprmallet

    suprmallet Well-Known Member

    How quickly do you need a new phone? Verizon will be getting the Galaxy Nexus next month, which is very similar to the S2 in many respects, but with a bigger, higher resolution screen and Ice Cream Sandwich.
  24. Enem178

    Enem178 Member

  25. nkd

    nkd Well-Known Member

    If you know someone or research a little what kinda of data speeds you are getting with sprint. Trust me I moved up north from south in california and speeds are plain horrible, the worst service I have ever had from any provider. Sprint service is very unreliable from town to town. Trust me I would be happy with sprint down south but I am so unhappy in the north. I never hit even 500kb on any day, doesn't matter what time of the day it is. My pings are from 400-1000

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