[Verizon] VZW gave me Refurbished Note 3 with stock 4.4.2 Need ROOT

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  1. ShanDroyd

    ShanDroyd Well-Known Member

    tried kingo and Vroot, and can not root. I am not real concerned about safestrap and roms, I just want to root to freeze/debloat. any suggestions?

  2. MrClean

    MrClean Well-Known Member

    If it's the official Verizon 4.4.2, you'll have to wait, nothing gives root access yet.
  3. darkcyber

    darkcyber Well-Known Member

    Yep, like Mr. Clean said. True Blue VZW 4.4.2 has not been broken yet and as Samsung and Verizon tighten the screws down on security...don't know if it will.
  4. ShanDroyd

    ShanDroyd Well-Known Member

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