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verizon warranty on GS3Support

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  1. cman1414

    cman1414 Well-Known Member

    okay so i know that the samsung galaxy s3 is really proned to breaking and i will probably shatter my screen. So i would like to know some specific details about werizons warranty info.

    first off i was talking to my friend the other day and they said to get a new oe i have to pay 70$! is this true? i have only claimed a warranty a while back on my LG voyager and no charges there.

    Second i currently have the white varriant, would they give me only a white one back or could i get a blue one? or do they just send a random one.

    Third on preowned phones will there be scratches on the screen or anything because i hate screens that are scratched up!!!

    fourth is a tpu case strong for day to day use?


  2. Jasp

    Jasp Member

    First a shattered screen would not be covered under warranty, it would be covered under insurance which i believe has a deductible of 100. That is if you pay the 6.99 a month for insurance.

    As for warranty issues Verizon has always been great with replacing the phones with like new devices. I have never had a problem with the phone replacement and I'm picky. They will replace with the color you have since they ask you to only send back the phone itself. You hold on to the back and battery.

    I put both my husbands and mine in a Otterbox defender and have not had any problems (hubby is in construction).

    Hope this helps.
  3. cman1414

    cman1414 Well-Known Member

    oops i ment insureance
    and there is a 100 dollar deductable?!?!?!
    thats crazy!

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