[Verizon] Warranty Void?

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  1. sakebu

    sakebu Member


    So I know that KNOX put a warranty void flag that tips if you root your phone.

    My question is which warranty does this effect?
    Samsung's or Verizon's?
    I know that Verizon has a 1 year warranty for general phone failure.
    I also bought the $7 a month insurance plan.

    Is it safe to say that after a year of having the phone I can safely root it because my warranty will be expired on Verizon or does Samsung have its own warranty?

  2. ShanDroyd

    ShanDroyd Well-Known Member

    I too am wondering? I however have the Best Buy $10.00 a month service plan, so I believe I am pretty much bullet proof?
  3. CyreneK

    CyreneK Well-Known Member

    As far as I know you would void Samsung's warranty, Verizon would still cover with total equiptment proyection program. That's what Verizon told me last night. Verizon doesn't care if you root.
  4. lowki

    lowki Active Member

    Yeah, you void the manufacturer's warranty when you root, but you are still covered by your carrier if u got insurance and if u get insurance through best buy. I know. I rooted a tf300 and then the tf700 came out within my return peroid and I returned it. Girl basically made sure it would turn on and would unlock, that's it.
  5. sorka

    sorka Well-Known Member

    Someone please post proof that rooting voids the warranty.

    There are consumer warranty laws that prevent manufacturers from outright denying warranty coverage on modified products unless they can show the modification caused the problem.

    Rooting by itself does nothing to the phone except gives you administrator access to system resources.

    At any rate KNOX is only tripped if you flash roms. This is not the same as rooting. KNOX won't trip if you flash a stock rom with odin or kies.
  6. JeeperDon

    JeeperDon Well-Known Member

    That whole concept puzzles me a bit. I see it like Dell telling you they won't cover a bad power supply if you swapped out Windows for Linux. It's just phone software.
  7. sorka

    sorka Well-Known Member


    If you brick your phone due to a software change, then that wouldn't be covered under warranty because your change is what caused it. But I read about cases were Samsung flat out denied a board failure because the phone had been rooted which is flat out illegal. It doesn't mean manufacturers don't deny warranty claims for invalid reasons. It happens all the time, but you have to fight with the various agencies at your disposal like the BBB, FTC, and your state's AG.

    In those cases where it's uncertain if your change caused the issue, the burdon of proof is on the manufacturer. They can't require you to prove it should be covered.
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