[Verizon] What ROM should I upgrade to?

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  1. beowulf7

    beowulf7 Well-Known Member

    My VZW SGS4 is still at Android 4.2.2 VRUAMDK that it came with, except I rooted it almost immediately. I'd like to upgrade to a newer Android version to get the latest bug fixes. Ideally, I'd like 4.3 that was recently released; however, I don't want to permanently lose root, which is apparently what's happening with 4.3 What ROM (OS) should I upgrade my phone to? Should I go with the newest 4.2.2 (I believe MI1)? I'd like to keep my phone's OS relatively stock-ish, outside of debloating it. TIA.

  2. wtherrell

    wtherrell Well-Known Member

    Not quite 4.3 yet, but will be soon. I have tried many roms on my GS4 but sbreen's Hyperdrive (currently release 10.2) has been the most satisfactory. It is a TW based ROM but with Apex launcher & a few tweaks you can get almost any look you want. Very Stable. There's a good thread over on XDA.
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  3. gimpy

    gimpy Member

    Might also try Nitro's eclipse mj7 rom.
  4. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    I just added a few more ROM's to the S4 list in the Verizon S4 Root guide thread.

    Feel free to check them out. If you're a first time rooter I would suggest to go for something simple like CyanogenMod.
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  5. beowulf7

    beowulf7 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the input, everyone. My 4.2.2 MDK is pretty good, but there are a couple bugs that I figure newer stock OS would resolve. I'd like to stay stock-looking. This is the 2nd time I've rooted a phone (the other one being a Droid 3 earlier this year). But I'm still not comfortable on doing anything too extreme or bizarre. I definitely don't want to lose root, which is why I disabled Verizon's auto-update. I'm also wondering if I should wait a bit longer until KitKat comes out for our phone and the folks at XDA make a rooted version of it.
  6. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    Just be familiar with the fact that Knox will be on the new bootloader for kitkat for samsung devices which makes rooting a lot more difficult as well as making your phone apparent that it has been unlocked and the warranty voided.

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