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Verizon Wireless Billing.....

  1. Flavor4Daze

    Flavor4Daze Member

    Verizon won't let you charge to your bill when upgrading or adding a line...... Credit Card & Cash ONLY. The option is gone, I guess they are losing faith in their customer's.

  2. Forsakenfire

    Forsakenfire Member

    I think it depends on the account, I've been a customer for 10 years and it let me upgrade me line through my bill.
  3. Flavor4Daze

    Flavor4Daze Member

    I've done it before as well....... but they won't let me do it when ordering the Droid.
  4. SSinisterSS

    SSinisterSS Well-Known Member

    what is bill to account?

    you could pay for the phone through your bill and not up front??
  5. TheBandit181

    TheBandit181 Active Member

    Bill to account option was there for me.
    I think it depends on the account. How often bills are past due, was the account ever suspended due to non-payment. Basically how likely is it they will get their money for the phone on time.

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