Verizon Wireless's Samsung Galaxy Tab different from others?

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  1. Garret27

    Garret27 Member

    I am doing research. I have Verizon's Samsung Galaxy Tab and I am curious. Is there a specific stock file I need flash to flash it back to Verizon's factory defaults? I am just curious if my Tab is differnt from version/device than the ones I find online.

    Will this device work with rooting and installing roms?
    Here are my Abouts for this device.
    Hardware Version: I800.0.3
    Model number: SCH-I800
    Firmware version: 2.2
    Baseband version: S:I800.0.3V.DL21
    Kernel version:
    root@SEI-28 #3
    Build number: SCH-I800.EC02

    I hope this is making since. I just want to have a stock file before I do some tinkering.

  2. lungzbeatz

    lungzbeatz Member

    i got the same model and i rooted it using super one click....but you need to download kies from the samsung site before rooting it...
  3. dragonbro

    dragonbro Well-Known Member

    Does the Kernel version mean the device is already rooted? Asking because root is in the name?
  4. lungzbeatz

    lungzbeatz Member

    Sorry for delay in responce...just got a new transform since my last post...the word root dosnt mean its rooted...mines had the same have to root the phone...check the "transform ultra-all things root" forum and you will have all the info you need..this website is where I learned to root..they are very helpfull and there is very detailed instructions that will have you rooted in less than 2 minutes...hope this helps...let me know if it help..I'm here if ya have any questions...I will help you the best I can...

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