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[Verizon] Wishful thinking??? Galaxy S4 I545 MK2

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  1. Roota2The2ta

    Roota2The2ta Member

    Okay i rooted my lg optimus elite with help from a thread by giantpune,i didn't have to have a PC AT ALL!! Unfortunately, there's no such method to root my S4 without installing the drivers from a PC. Ive come to terms with that. :( But My stubborn ass wants to get around that since I don't have a PC available and i REALLY REALLY want to root this magnificent phone. My question, my sounding ignorant aside, is can I install KIES on a tablet and then to my phone from tablet if i have a usb cable that permits me to do so?? Rather than using Pc?? I'm wishful thinking aint I??

  2. Roota2The2ta

    Roota2The2ta Member

    No help??
  3. grahamc1965

    grahamc1965 Member

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  4. Roota2The2ta

    Roota2The2ta Member

    You're shitting me?!?! Are you sure it will work on the mk2?? Hell its worth a try?! Thanx for the pointer, dude. Going to try it momentarily and I'll definitely key you know how it works out. I Appreciate the response😍😍
  5. Roota2The2ta

    Roota2The2ta Member

    Hey its asking for a donation do I have to donate or is there a way to get around the donation page?
  6. grahamc1965

    grahamc1965 Member

    i used ver 3.
    download the apk, install it, open it up and click " make it rain " I think donations are optional . :party:
  7. grahamc1965

    grahamc1965 Member

    Oh, to download the apk , click the orange upside down y at the top of the page .
  8. Roota2The2ta

    Roota2The2ta Member

    Thanks Graham trying it now
  9. Roota2The2ta

    Roota2The2ta Member

    Okay says I should have root should I install a root checker and which one
  10. Roota2The2ta

    Roota2The2ta Member

    Okay so I just rooted my phone and installed rootchecker Successfully!!! In 1minute 30seconds Wtw?!?! Ily Graham ur the junk ty ty ty :thumbup::thumbup:
  11. grahamc1965

    grahamc1965 Member

    Glad i could help. Enjoy your rooted phone.
    You might check out this site for more info on what you can and cant do with the nc5 version. I have changed my boot animations and all ui sounds so far. Have only had this phone since saturday. lol

    Verizon Samsung Galaxy S 4 - XDA Forum

    If you need any more help, feel free to pm me .
  12. joshdills89

    joshdills89 New Member

    Okay guys, I rooted my S4 today, and am trying to find a reliable source for downloading the chaos rom for it. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated!
  13. grahamc1965

    grahamc1965 Member

    what baseband do you have ? would be something like this . I545VRUFNC5

    the last 3 letters/numbers are important if you want to flash a custom rom . NC5 has a locked bootloader and can only be flashed with safestrap. most others can be flashed with Odin. Also, what ver of android ? 4.3, 4.4.2 ?

    here are a few links for the Chaos rom

    Chaos ROM + KTweaker Kernel for Verizon Galaxy S4! | GalaxyS4Root.com

    [ROM] ChaosROM-VZW-V7-NCx-4.4.2-SS-MDK-MULTI… | Verizon Galaxy S4 | XDA Forum

    If you have NC5, be sure and get safestrap 3.72, it is the Only one that will let you flash onto a NC5 device, otherwise you will end up with a brick.
  14. jmcdizzle

    jmcdizzle New Member

    Just to clarify...

    Towelroot won't brick my Verizon s4 running nc5, and safestrap can be used to install a custom room such as cyanogenmod? So much information can be read on this from many different sources that seem to cancel out each other...
  15. grahamc1965

    grahamc1965 Member

    Towelroot is the safest way to root a nc5 device, and will not brick it . As for custom roms, nc5 devices have a locked bootloader, at least for now. So custom roms are very hard to install without bricking your phone . there are a few roms that will work though. The Chaos rom is a good stable rom, and fairly easy to install and has alot of nice features. Hopefully soon the AT&T and Verizon based nc5 devices will be able to have the bootloader unlocked. until then we are limited on roms, but plenty of other mods are available :)

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