Verizon's talk and surf speed - what numbers do you get?

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  1. optoisolator

    optoisolator New Member

    I'm currently with T-mobile, and I can talk on the phone while surfing at the same time. When I run a speed test while talking I get about the same data rate up / down as I do when I'm not on the phone (about 2-3Mbs).

    I tried this recently at an AT&T store on the One X, because I've heard rumors that AT&T is throttling users while they are on calls. It was amazing to see - off call (using the LTE radio) data rates were amazing - 20 Mbs up and down. In call, rates were absolutely horrible - about .5 Mbs down, and virtually 0 up.

    This confirmed what I have been hearing / seeing posted on the web, and makes me not want to go with AT&T due to this. Which is why I am asking about Verizon.

    For those of you with LTE phones, what are your data rates (according to speedtest) when you are on a call? I'd be happy if they were the same as what I get now with T-mobile. Can anyone post their results?


  2. 91Firebirder

    91Firebirder Well-Known Member

    Someone will correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure you can't get data while on the phone with VZW. I have the OG Incredible and I know I can't and am pretty sure nothing has changed even with 4G phones.
  3. optoisolator

    optoisolator New Member

    I'm not sure if its phone dependent, but you can - they upgraded their network a while back to allow for this.
  4. optoisolator

    optoisolator New Member

    HTC Thunderbolt is an example of this - and that is an older phone...
  5. Demache

    Demache Well-Known Member

    If your connected to 4G you will have data service in call due to the fact you are using two separate radios. However, on 3G you will have no data except on the Thunderbolt and Rezound.

    Since Verizon still uses 2G for voice, 4G should take no speed hit while you are on call. Since I personally do not own a Tbolt or Rezoundz I can't tell you if it significantly affects 3G data.
  6. digdug1

    digdug1 Well-Known Member

    I have the thunderbolt. My speeds are comparable while talking. Regardless of if I'm on 4g or 3g.
  7. outkast7222

    outkast7222 Member

    I just ran a speed test on my Bionic, I got 14.4mbps down and 8.2 up while not on a call. On call I got 15.2 down and 8.5 up, so I would say zero difference at all.

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