Versus TouchTab 10Dc (Rockchip)

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  1. redollie1066

    redollie1066 New Member


    I have searched high and low as to how to root my Versus Touchtab, now I am aware that it is an uncommon brand/tablet, but however I know that like all android devices.....some way or another it can be rooted.

    I have tried different guides which involved ADB and editing the usb.inf file and that has not worked, it won't recognise the device.

    So please can someone help me out with this.

    Here is the link to the tablet:

    TouchTab 10DC

    I am usually persistant enough to find what I am looking for and get it done, but despite my efforts I have had no joy.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique VIP Member

    Moved to Tablet talk. :)
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  3. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    Looks like a tablet of unknown Chinese manufacture, and Versus is just a UK importer. Problem with these off-brand/uncommon-brand things, there just little or no information at all about rooting them, because of their unknown origins. If you've already tried various guides and some of the generic rooting tools, think you might be out of luck with this one.
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  4. redollie1066

    redollie1066 New Member

    I found a solution that worked perfectly: Zackehh's Blog :: Miscellaneous

    I now have fully functioning root access which has allowed me to remove the bloatware I wanted to.....but my tablet has no clockwork mod, so any suggestions on this please?
  5. ZackehSoul

    ZackehSoul New Member

    Download attached, and extract. Then open a command window inside the extracted folder do the following:
    [HIGH]adb push flash_image /dev/flash_image
    adb push recovery.img /dev/recovery.img
    adb shell
    chmod 755 /dev/flash_image
    /dev/flash_image recovery /dev/recovery.img[/HIGH]

    If all goes well it should say you've written the recovery. Then:
    adb reboot recovery[/HIGH]

    And you should be in CWM.

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