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Vertical Holster for Extended Life Battery?Tips

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  1. DCritter

    DCritter Member

    I got a holster for my Charge with the extended life battery that just fits, for some other phone, but it is a horizontal carry on my belt and drives me to distraction. There wasn't anything in the Verizon store that fit for vertical carry.

    Has anyone found a vertical carry belt holster for the Charge with the extended battery?

  2. GunnerJim

    GunnerJim Well-Known Member

  3. BobandGeri

    BobandGeri Member

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  4. DCritter

    DCritter Member

    Got this case today. Works OK. Holds in the holster with about the same force as it does the regular case with shell installed. We'll just have to see how it lasts.

    Would still prefer something with a flap to lessen possibility of loss, but this will do, at least for now. That would also better protect the phone. Biggest down side is there is no protection for the back of the phone and it is sure to get beat up, but that's pretty much a disposable item if necessary.
  5. ted123

    ted123 Member

    This is the case I got. Its the best side carrying case I found yet. The clip rotates to vertical or horizontal for mounting on your body side. The phone screen must face away from your hip to fit properly. Very good quality and fits my droid charge very well plus I have a Bodyglove on it too. The case has elastic sides that stretch out to accommodate the thickness. Not sure if this would fit extended batteries but well worth the look. Btw... your best price is on Amazon.

    Amazon.com: For Verizon Motorola Droid X Leather Pouch BLACK: Electronics

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