Very Annoying Problem

  1. bwmcmaste

    bwmcmaste New Member

    Since the day I received this phone (LG Eve - GW620R): I have had this recurring problem. After I dial a number and hit the call button; the screen says "call ended", and the call gets minimized to the notification bar. I cannot overstate how annoying this bug is. Also, I get random notification dings (the screen says "preparing SD card") when the phone is just sitting idle. Finally, when I get e-mails it will tell me that my memory is full when it's not.

    Anybody else experiencing these issues? Is there a solution?

  2. SpL3rG3

    SpL3rG3 Active Member

    well the SD card thing I believe is a firmware issue. my phone did that anytime it was left "sleeping" for more than 30 mins. since LG updated my firmware though it hasn't done it once.

    Not sure if you have done any updates yet but it sounds like taht could help. I will warn you though, I personally have not been able to update with the LG software. both times i went through the update it "bricked" my phone. I had to take my phone into Rogers & get them to send it away.

    It seems i'm the only person who has this problem though so it might work fine for you.

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