Very basic question: getting photos onto my new L A1Support

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  1. rippon

    rippon New Member

    Very basic question:
    I want to drag stuff, e.g. photos, onto my new Lenovo. It's not clear (to me) what one is meant to do. I dragged and dropped into a folder on the Lenovo called 'DCIM'. My guess for viewing photos is to use 'Gallery'; but the message from Gallery suggests that there should be an SD disk present.

  2. fisherking3k

    fisherking3k Member

    put the photos in the "Camera" folder IN the DCIM folder (if it's not there, make a folder with that name).

    try that, worked for me (i can drag photos from iPhoto on my mac to that folder, and they show up fine.

    u might want to check out 'quickpic' on the android market, it's a much better photo viewer...

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