Very Close to NEVER buying a HTC product again

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  1. Linx

    Linx Well-Known Member

    I can't believe that with each update were getting cheated more and more. First off, my phone was fine before the update. Now with ICS and a reset, my phone is useless. Constantly crashes, what happened to Green Hornet, and I'm really upset that the flashlilght is gone. This is an app I used a lot and it's not in the HTC Hub at all. Don't want to create an account just to download the apk. Battery life is absolutely ridiculous. I'm getting 5 hours with absolutely no use. Before the update I was getting between 15-26 hours with minimal to medium use and about 8-10 hrs with heavy use. Now I have it sitting on my desk at work and haven't touched it from when I took it off the charger and by lunch time it's down to 9%. This is a f'ing joke!! I've done 2 factory resets and nothing has helped. I have other issues with this phone but don't have the time or patience to talk about it now. I'm due for an upgrade. What NON HTC phones would you guys recommend? Anything new coming out soon?

  2. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    Since you are asking for device recommendations, I have moved your post here.
  3. jancat

    jancat Well-Known Member

    Hmm. Wondering if there is another issue. But regardless, I too am rocking an HTC, not super impressed, and due for an upgrade. I am thinking the new galaxy. Have you looked at it?
  4. jancat

    jancat Well-Known Member

    And even though you cant pull out the battery, the razr maxx claims some kick ass battery life....
  5. Squatly

    Squatly Member

    Razr Maxx has been fantastic since moving from my buggy HTC about 4 months ago. Best screen? Nope. But dang good screen and the battery life is amazing. Very solid all around device.
  6. Samsung Galaxy S3. The battery life on this device is excellent. I'm getting more than 3 days stand by time and more than a whole day with moderately heavy usage.

    The Samsung Galaxy S3 is better than the RAZR Maxx because the SGS3 has a better Super AMOLED screen, 2GB RAM, faster 4G LTE speeds because of a higher quality antenna and the best Internet browser speeds on the market.


  7. Go With The S3 Ditch HTC Phones. i Had The Rezound and yeah after ICS Update.. Yeah same problems with you except battery life it tend to last the whole day with 40% left
  8. The most frustrating problems I have had with HTC smartphones (I've owned a HTC Sensation and HTC One X):

    • Bad reliability. Starting with the WiFi death grip problem and also poor antenna quality, basically you rarely have access to the Internet.
    • Poor build quality. Build quality isn't about using metal or plastic. Build quality is how well the components are stuck together. The volume rockers on various HTC smartphones are flimsy and sometimes the screens are not responsive (as with my HTC Sensation).
    • Lag, lag, lag. I owned a HTC One X back when it first came out. It lagged. This is 2012 guys. My SGS3 does not lag, ever. It's so smooth and compared to the HTC One X, the SGS3 is like butter.
    • Bad camera quality. Yes the HTC One X has a f2.0 aperture, but what good does that do when the camera lags? Video capture is only possible at 19FPS (well at least my HTC One X did). Anything below 25FPS is unacceptable.
    • Crappy battery life. This is probably the most ignored feature of a smartphone but probably the most important. What use does a phone have when it dies on you during work or college? My HTC One X could barely get past 5pm after a whole night of charging. And that's with moderate usage. My SGS3 gets me past 9PM with moderate to heavy usage (I get up at 6am each morning).
    • Just poor quality control.

    I like the aesthetics of many HTC products and the HTC One X probably has the best LCD screen on the market. But come on. They are crap in terms of quality control.
  9. ericc191

    ericc191 Member

    I am going to get an S3 over the One X, but saying the battery life sucks is just wrong. Just about every review I have come across says the One X has incredible battery life that bests the S3 9/10.
  10. SarcaGuy

    SarcaGuy Member

    It's easy to solve all those problems...
    Root, unlock bootloader, switch to CyanogenMod.
    That's how I got my phone's battery to last a full day with ICS after HTC decided to ditch my EVO Shift.

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