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very confused after reading alot.please help

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  1. saurabh88

    saurabh88 Member

    on the physicial look i hink its g2 coz it have t mobule logo on it but when i go to settings/about it shows me htc desire z and have only 1.5gb of space for my apps.
    ok then whcich pone i have?
    its software is 1.82so how can i root it if i have htc desire z?plz specifci link.i m tiered to read everything and after that shit it written as please use apecific for ur phone but i think its only for g2?oh god help me to root and s off.this is the first time in xda i am so confused.

  2. saurabh88

    saurabh88 Member

    no one ?please help me?

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