very disappointed with us cellular & belief project

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  1. mindsaredanger

    mindsaredanger New Member

    Been a US Cellular customer for, well, forever. I've been a customer of all carriers, but US Cellular has by far been the best, so I thought I'd never consider changing. Now I've got a problem and they refuse to work with me.

    We just updated to our first smart phones, mesmerizes, and upgraded to the Belief Project. Thought we had died and gone to heaven, until 2 wks later, one phone received a call while driving, and vibrated right into the floor board shattering the screen. They say the phone was abused, so they won't replace it. We have insurance, but that requires the $100.00 deductible that I don't feel we should have to pay, given the phone vibrated only a few inches and hit soft carpet and this should not have shattered the screen like it did. So far after emailing Samsung twice, I've not gotten anywhere with them either. I've seen where people have said they dropped their phones on pavement from a standing position and it was fine, so why did one of mine shatter so easily?

    Be very careful if you upgrade to this new Belief Project. Read the fine print as all is not as it appears to be :(

  2. Canuck79

    Canuck79 New Member

    Thats why you pay for device insurance so YOU dont have to pay 400.00-650.00 for a device like Carriers have too. Just because you pay a small promo price doesnt entitle you to a free phone. so say us cell paid 500.00 for your phone and you break it,then to turn around and expect another 500.00 phone because you broke it? So that means us cellular is out of 700.00 ROUGHLY? thats why there is device insurance. I would rather pay deductible rather than be screwed and have to pay full retail lol Not trying to be mean at all, but people need to understand that carriers pay Full price for phones and your monthly bill wont cover the cost of device for maybe almost 2 years (even if u pay 100-400 monthly) average account may give anywhere from 18-50 bucks in profit monthly! Dont throw your phone down lol I had same issue with us cellular and they were nice enough to add device insurance on for me (even tho phone broke) One day a rep was nice enough to explain how it works so thought I would share it with you! = )
  3. LaTuFu

    LaTuFu Well-Known Member Contributor

    Before flaming someone that posted something 6 months ago, you might want to take the time to learn what the belief project is about. It IS device insurance, in addition to other "benefits". Drop your phone? Lost it? The Belief Project is supposed to replace it. Warranty problem? Ditto. Losses, theft, and damaged phones carry a $100 replacement fee (sounds like an insurance deductible to me...) but warranty swaps are free.

    Welcome to the forums.
  4. learn n stuff

    learn n stuff New Member

    The belief project has phone replacement for the premium plans, however this person is not on a premium plan, otherwise they would have a free new phone. the belief project is more about no contracts and rewards points.

    The same device insurance that was carried before the belief project came out would not count as the belief project.
  5. greg32572

    greg32572 New Member

    From my experience you have to fight long and hard to get what you want HOWEVER if you do, MOST of the time you will get satisfaction. For me sometimes it takes going above customer service even when they say no one above them can help me BULL**** there is ALWAYS someone higher, you just have to dig for it till you find someone. I once tracked down the vice president in charge of AT&T customer service and they gave me what I wanted *chuckles* if you have a VALID claim and they are not giving you satisfaction you must fight for it. Take names and ID numbers, dates, times you called, if they can't help speak to someone higher, you will reach a cap and sometimes it takes the threat of canceling your service to get to someone who will help you. Its almost a game, but if you have a valid claim and they are not helping you then the game must be played. That what I have experienced myself and it works for me
  6. UpgradeWaiting

    UpgradeWaiting New Member

    So we finally see real 4G devices from USC and they want 45000 or 38000 points.... After being in the program from basically the beginning I have a whopping 13800 points with credit for being there since '94... Not feeling the USC love...
  7. kmf

    kmf Well-Known Member

    By staggering the updates, we are able to get new phones every 6-9 months. Examples: Mesmerize Mar ' phone; Electrify Oct '11...her phone; Galaxy S III July ' phone. I get the new phone and my wife gets the hand-me-down. It takes 3-4 thousand belief points each time, and full-price w/rebates to do so, but it works for us. Part of how early you can update also depends on your phone plan. We have the Family Essential Plus plan, which I will not get rid of. This plan probably gets me more points each month. Plus, I also do the paperless billing/draft pay, etc. for extra savings (and points I think.)

    Not everyone has this option, especially if both people update at the same time.
  8. BooBoo says..All the goings on at USCC point to a merger of some sort.
  9. grayman

    grayman Active Member

    I find this comment interesting but far-fetched. Would you care to elaborate?
  10. BooBoo says read this..
  11. kmf

    kmf Well-Known Member

    Not sure how much validity there is in an almost 5-year-old (8.29.07) article, but anything is possible.
  12. LaTuFu

    LaTuFu Well-Known Member Contributor

    I agree with kmf.

    Anything is possible in the wireless market right now. USCC, by virtue of its size, will always be a potential takeover or merger target.

    But referencing a 5 year old article as "proof" a deal is imminent is stretching it.
  13. tritiumman

    tritiumman Well-Known Member


    How do you like the gsII? any reception issues others are reporting?

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