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  1. Sam Howell

    Sam Howell New Member

    Hi guys, i have read many differant threads which link to this problem but none have determined what is causing it and mine seems like it is using excessive amounts of data.

    In the last week Android OS has used 808mb in the last month it used 3gb, this is becoming a serious problem. My battery life is being affected, the phone becomes extremely hot when charging as it is constantly using data.

    I restored my phone on the 10th of june which didnt make a differance! Today i went to Vodafone to see if they could try and rectify the problem which they didnt, I have tried to contact HTC through facebook by using a screenshot of my usage, they havent replied to me yet it seems as they are replying to everyone else; which makes me wonder if they even know what the problem is.

    I am now at the point where i am willing to try anything possible to fix the problem; Im wondering if rooting the device and installing custom roms would change anything?

    Any advice or suggestions will be greatly appreciated


  2. PyroSporker

    PyroSporker Well-Known Member

    You could try using the new Ice Cream Sandwich Usage screen to limit your handset's data use.
    Settings -> More -> Usage -> Set a data usage limit
    Also up in the menu bar of the usage screen under settings you can restrict background data.
    (I'm in the U.S. on a similar phone, sorry if your menus are different)

    This will not diagnose the problem (sounds like a run away application or service), and will limit your sync ability on the phone, but it will keep the OS and all other background applications from polling data constantly.

    Also it helps a lot in the data and battery departments if you turn off your radios when not in use - again, it will limit your ability to sync up to the minute data but may help you get on top of the issue at hand.
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  3. SouthofOttawa

    SouthofOttawa Well-Known Member

    Try an app called Onavo Count. It shows you which app is using data and how much. You can also set limits.
    Maybe this will help you identify what is being the data hog on your HTC.
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  4. Tomo1971

    Tomo1971 Well-Known Member

    If you scroll down on the usage screen it shows what apps are using data.

    What does it say? You may have a rogue app
  5. Itsme2ngy

    Itsme2ngy Well-Known Member

    This happened to my first HOX, the data usage was sky high (2-3Gb/3 wks). According to the phone itself, my data was eaten by an application call 'Media' I have no idea what this is, cannot find it running in the back ground or anything. I don't use much data on my phone coz I have Wifi in office and home, only 40minutes/daily commute on the tube shouldn't burn this much data. I contact HTC regarding this problem and they said it could be a glitch/fault in factory firmware installation process! In the end I had to send the phone back to them, and got a new shiny one. There's nothing they can do back then :confused:
  6. Sam Howell

    Sam Howell New Member

    Thanks guys, I havent diagnosed as why it was doing it, but i turned off backround usage totally so only apps which are open use data. This seems to have done the trick. Although it is annoying as auto-sync and apps and widgets which rely on backround data arent able to update automatically.

    I would like to find out what has gone wrong to cause my device and other devices to do this just so that i can have my device running as it should do without me worrying.

    I have downloaded Onavo also, gives a clearer image on the data that i am using.

    The app is Android OS and its not rogue, It's totally unexplainable looking at what apps i have and what i use my phone for.
  7. linnr

    linnr New Member

    Hi, My partner got an HTC desire s, 3 months ago. We have been charged over
  8. sdablool

    sdablool Active Member

    Do not pay this amount and discuss this problem with them, tell tem you have not: se the phone while you're sleeping.
  9. K24Sleeper

    K24Sleeper Member

    Thats weird, definitely set a limit on it so you can go over. Do you have live weather?

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