Very new to Android world - Need help pls.

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  1. sroid

    sroid New Member

    Hello masters,

    I just brought a new Samsung Beam phone (I guess its GT-i5820 or the one which has a pico-projector in built) and have couple of questions on how to do? what to do? etc... hope you don't mind giving me your advice on it please.

    PS: I a new born baby to the Android world.


    1. What do you mean by "rooted"? and how to make my phone rooted?
    2. My displays a big image when it booted up (I mean when I put ON) and the same image also appeares when I putt OFF the phone! How do I change these two images?
    3. I have downloaded some of the applications from Market place (the one which comes along with the phone) but how do I can have a backup of these applications on a CD/DVD i.e. I like to have copy of these applications on a disk for feature use in case if my phone is rested to factory settings and if I couldn't find that app. again on the market to downloand and install.
    4. Would it be possible to install Java based application from another phone to my phone? and How?

    Pls. quote the question no. for your answers as it would easy for me to understand also if you can CC me directly to it would be highly appreciated.

    Thank you so much.

  2. techarlj

    techarlj Member

    First off, welcome to the android world, do not know where you came from, but it is always better here than there, imo

    1. This is a great post with lots of info on rooting. Googling around will uncover a great tutorial for rooting your device.
    2. These are called boot animations. You can change these, but only after you obtain root.
    3. If you really wanted to burn them to a cd/dvd you could copy the .apk to your computer and burn the files. however, if you obtain root, titanium manager (search for it in the market) is a great way to backup all of your programs to your sd card. the pro here is that the files will always be with your device, granted you don't delete the backups and can reload them at will. you can also reset your device and delete all data on your device, but as long as you don't format your sd card you will still have the backups. there are other programs that do this, but i recommend titanium back-up for sure.
    4. The programs themselves would have to "ported". The android os uses files with the extension .apk, but other java based os' usually use the extension of .jar. I am not 100% sure and if i am wrong, please someone correct me, but unless it is a .apk file, it can not be installed.

    again, welcome and enjoy
  3. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

    Welcome to Android Forums, sroid.

    Great to see a Beam user show up. :)
  4. sroid

    sroid New Member

    Hi techarlj

    Thanks for your suggestions and reply to my post will try around.

    I come from an IT backround and I'm in IT since 1990 where I started with GW-BASIC and have interfaced a fan to the computer and control it by a GW-BASIC programme however now all these days I haven't developed much of mobile apps and was using WinCE etc...

    Anyways thanks very much for all your suggestions and certain will try around.
  5. sroid

    sroid New Member

    One more I couldn't understand is rooting means rooting the Android OS correct? its not the device I guess. Is the device specifics makes any difference in rooting?
  6. james_beam

    james_beam Member

    same here new to android world

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