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  1. pickety

    pickety New Member

    Basically when using chrome as my browser on my Galaxy S4 with the latest Kit Kat version (4.4.2) and type in the "omnibox" while overwriting a url, the first letter is typed twice as if I pressed it twice. Basically I am curious if other people have also experienced this bug.

    Here is how I can reproduce the problem on my phone:
    1. Open chrome
    2. Go to any website (www.[anything].com)
    3. Touch the omnibox to open up the keyboard
    4. While the url is highlighted type a letter (only one)
    5. Notice the duplicate letter in the omnibox

    Some other factors appear to affect whether the bug is reproduced, for example if I let my screen dim before opening the omnibox a duplicate letter is not generated.

    I can also post more about my phone's settings and other things of that nature if you are interested. If you can let me know if you can reproduce this issue I would greatly appreciate it.

  2. pickety

    pickety New Member

    Update- It seems to be caused by the predictive text option in the Samsung keyboard settings. When that option is turned off I cannot reproduce this bug.

    On a side note, I have noticed that sometimes when I am typing in the omnibox an entire series of characters will be duplicated not just one. For example: when typing "California" letter for letter it may come out as "CalCalifornia" in the omnibox.
  3. ccrawford404

    ccrawford404 New Member

    Did you find a solution for this problem? Thank you.
  4. pickety

    pickety New Member

    I have not found a solution to this problem. It does still occur, but I sort of gave up on trying to fix it.
  5. REDeyeJEDI85

    REDeyeJEDI85 New Member

    I have the same problem on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

    I think that it is a bug in the predictive text as you mentioned because I noticed it when typing in URLs that I have previously visited. I do web design and use my phone to debug my mobile code. So this is a rather annoying problem. I'll report back if I find a solution.
  6. newbieAndroid3

    newbieAndroid3 New Member

    I'm having same issues on s4. Whenever use Chrome and type in url, it always types twice first few chars.
    Any solution guys?
    Very troubling when typing in url.

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