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Very Stuck- searching for help!!Support

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  1. Subarex84

    Subarex84 Member

    first let me say that i have been searching for the answer to this problem but im trying to be very careful not to make it worse. I have ICS through the verizon update tool and i used the root script then the bootloader script. all has been fine but i wanted to do a factory reset for various reasons. not any problems i was having just wanted to start over. i did the reset through the settings menu on the stock rom. i havent messed with anything except for made backups when i first got CWM. now it seems like my phone is stuck in a bootloop and i cant get it into recovery. i can get into download mode and know how to flash the cab but i dont want to screw it up more.it flashes the first lg screen twice then the next more animated lg screen, hesitates, shuts down and tries to boot again. i tried the button combo after pulling the battery(yes i waited a lot longer than it should have taken to factory restore before i did) and no recovery. maybe im doing something wrong to get into recovery? not sure exactly what to do. please help anyone. im pretty good at this stuff but i dont mess with situations i havent had before without being sure. thank you in advance.

  2. ortrigger

    ortrigger Well-Known Member Contributor

    Doing a factory reset in cwm also wipes your rom. You'll probably have to flash the cab and reroot.
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  3. Subarex84

    Subarex84 Member

    is it safe to flash the cab from where im at. i read in nephs post about flashing firmware not to do it unless stock or was it that not to do it if stuck in cwm. i was confused about that when i read it. and i did the reset from the phone men not from cwm. i just really want to be sure. not liquid to buy a new phone anytime soon. thanks for replying so fast by the way.

    i just got it into cwm after about the 30th try. any new approach i should take?
  4. PepperHead

    PepperHead Member

    There is a CWM_bootloop_fix.zip file. Put it on your sdcard then install it form CWM recovery. Once it is done, then hit the back option and then reboot, it will boot normally.
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  5. Subarex84

    Subarex84 Member

    i did that, i had it happen when i rooted GB. problem is all my data is wiped except recovery and there is no rom to boot. im trying my nandroid to no avail and i know i changed the backup setting properly before i made it and have tried to change it while doing this but cwm is saying it cant find a restore file. am i safe to go into download mode and flash the cab. im not booting into cwm with this loop but i can get there with the button combo. im not new at this stuff but not an expert. i just cant find anything exactly matching my situation and have never came upon this before. nervous to make the decision without confirmation from someone more experienced than i. thanks for replying.
  6. Subarex84

    Subarex84 Member

    well im obviously tired because i realized the nandroid was not at the proper location on the card. i guess i was thinking of it as a zip and being able to place it anywhere. its currently restoring from cwm. ill update if it fails or succeeds. please if someone could still answer my question just in case and for future reference as to when it is and isnt safe to use the kp500 to flash the cab files and which ones can be flashed depending on what version of android im running. i have both the v4 and v7 cab files. i just havent been able to figure this out from all the threads but i have flashed them in the past. i know this will be useful information for me and everyone who isnt sure. maybe even could be added to some of the all things root support threads on here. sorry for being a noob at the moment. and thanks so far to everyone.

    also why did this happen from trying to factory restore from the settings menu in the android system?

    update: success. phone is normal again. please help with answers to my two questions though because i would still like to be able to restore to factory when i want and dont want this again or worse. thanks in advance.
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  7. hollywoods14

    hollywoods14 Well-Known Member

    Because se your recovery is cwm which doesn't have a rom attached to it like the stock recovery. When you did the factory wipe there was no rom to reload like there would be with stock recovery. Think of cwm like a manual recovery versus the stock recovery like an automatic recovery.
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  8. Subarex84

    Subarex84 Member

    thanks hollywoods. i was thinking that was how it was and was the reason we are all advised to make a nandroid after adding CWM but i guess i didnt really think it through before i did the factory restore. from now on ill reboot recovery and factory reset from there so i dont run into having a hard time getting into CWM again. still wondering about the cab because ive never flashed one while rooted and on cwm? just want a way to go back to stock with no root or cwm if i ever need.
  9. IMUcarmen

    IMUcarmen Well-Known Member

    hey subarex84. I just saw this thread now because I havent been looking in the regular section of the forums. I'm glad to see you got your phone fixed.

    For future reference and to answer your question about the cab know that the cab method is there for worst case scenarios when you've tried everything else and nothing works. Basically the only required thing for flashing the cab is that you are able to get into download mode. Nothing else matters as far as root, what rom you are on, whether or not you have cwm, etc. The cab method (as I learned from Neph81) replaces 28 out of the (i think) 31 partitions android sits on and is basically like (in PC terms) wiping your HDD and replacing it with a brand new operating system. So just remember if you are able to get your phone into CWM and/or recovery or at least download mode then there isn't much need for panic. You only soft bricked and will be able to restore your phone.

    I wanted to also let you know from reading your post here you could have just reflashed whatever rom you wanted in recovery and didnt have to use a backup. If you can still get into recovery then you can always just flash a rom from there to fix a bootloop.

    Also you shouldn't need any bootloop fix if you are running the latest CWM because playfulgod fixed all that in and So make sure you are running one of those versions.
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  10. Subarex84

    Subarex84 Member

    wow, that has to be the most informative reply to my thread. i really appreciate this and you definitely confirmed every question that i was 90% sure i knew the answer to. thank you so much because im looking into learning more and more of this stuff everyday and want to learn to develop but need to do it safely. if i ever think i cant find the answer to something on here do you mind a pm? sometimes that may be the best way to get a quick response to an exact question from what i can tell. one more question pops up now though. why is it such a last resort thing to do the cab if you just want to go back to complete stock, does it hurt the phone every time or is it the risk of screwing it up? as long as you are sure to do it right would there be no worry i guess is what im asking. thanks again, seriously.
  11. IMUcarmen

    IMUcarmen Well-Known Member

    I just said it's a last resort thing because it takes longer and has a bit of risk involved. As long as you do everything right you will be fine but since us humans are always prone to making mistakes there is always that chance of screwing up. But again, it's mainly the last thing you want to try because there are easier ways to fix a typical bootloop or some other little problem. The cab method for me is the "I've tried everything else and nothing is working" or the "my phone wont do anything but I can at least still get into download mode" solution.

    You aren't hurting your phone though. Talk to the developers and those guys have probably used the cab method dozens and dozens of times. Neph81 has probably used it a dozen times in one day before :p

    You can definitely pm me when you have an issue if you want, but I'm no expert, but if I'm able to help I will certainly do so. I've just learned a lot through trial and error and have figured out the fundamentals of rooting and flashing roms and how to fix my phone if something goes wrong.
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  12. Subarex84

    Subarex84 Member

    i usually do as much research and trial and error as possible on my own too. definitely nice to have a community of people to turn to if unsure of something and someone has likely had the situation or the knowledge. youve been a huge help and given me piece of mind about trying to learn a little further than than i have and worry less. thanks again.

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