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Very Unusuall problem! what the heck?!

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  1. jared1234

    jared1234 Well-Known Member

    So ever since i have rooted my phone, when trying to call any 1-800 number (like my bank) I dial the number, hit send and then get one of those recordings, uv2 the number cannot be dialed or something like that.

    Now i have noticed that after i call a contact...or whoever, i look back in my call log as if i was going to call them again by just pressing the number in the call log and it puts a 1 infront of the number automatically.

    When dialed like that i get the same recording message.

    So then i thought that maybe the phone puts the 1 without displaying it when dial the 1-800 numbers. So i try to put the 800 number without the 1, assuming its being added already without my knowledge and it still gives me the same recording message.

    I can call my friends or other phone numbers fine by just entering the number with area code, but again, if i decide to call that number later without having to look it up and dial again..i go into the call log, locate the number and it now has a 1 infront of it...ok so i press it to dial and then i get the recording message..

    what the heck is going on?

    obviously these two problems are related!

    So the search begins on how to first identify the problem and resolve it.

    SO does anyone have any idea what the problem is? where it stems from?

    Also i am with Telus Mobility ( a canadian carrier )


  2. jared1234

    jared1234 Well-Known Member

  3. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    Sorry Jared, most of us are Europeans and don't generally use the 1-800 format. Hopefully another Telus user will chime in soon with their experience.
  4. dragnfire

    dragnfire New Member

    I'm having the same issue, if I dial any tfn I get the uv2 message, I also noticed if I dial any long distance # (1+number) I get the same message, if I dial the # without the 1 (which normally would be give a message)the call completes fine (but this doesn't work for tfn). At first I thought it was the rom I was running (froyo2.2) so I switched to froydvillain1.5, same issue :confused:

    Telus Htc Hero.
  5. chickenlump

    chickenlump Member

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  6. jared1234

    jared1234 Well-Known Member

    @Chickenlump, thanks!!!! i will give it a shot right now and report back.
  7. jared1234

    jared1234 Well-Known Member

    AWESOME!!!, Advice taken, applied, problem solved!

    Applied the radio acroding to Bak 2 Basiks guide and everything is working great!
    cheers to Chickenlump

    And there is more proof why this androidforums is the best, then end

  8. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    Glad you found the solution.

    I'd never have suspected that the radio ROM could be the reason, so thanks to chickenlump for filling in a gap in my knowledge.
  9. elFrankman

    elFrankman Member

    Freaking genius. I'd had this problem for months but it had never really bothered me that much. It was only today that I decided to look it up, and bang, the answer is right here :D
    Thank you, gents!

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