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  1. lampak

    lampak New Member

    Hi. I've got a problem with a Droid 3. GMS works fine but when I enable UMTS I get a very weak signal, around one bar. Mobile data sometimes-somewhat works but keeps disconnecting constantly.

    So it gives me a choice between terribly slow but reliable EDGE and fast but fussy 3G. Neither of them is a compelling option :/

    It's not a carrier issue, other phones have full strength in the same area.

    Has someone here had a similar problem? Do you know of any solution?

  2. natanvm

    natanvm Member

    heres a fix to the problem
    Wrong UMTS signal indication on XT862 [Fixed!!!] - xda-developers

    download ES File Explore,go into the \system\ directory and change the line in build.prop

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