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  1. teddyearp

    teddyearp A guide with guides

    bump. I'd like to know as well.


  2. itzsleepy

    itzsleepy New Member

    I just ordered on from ********* as well. It says shipping date of 12/23. I will post again once I know if this is the one that charges as well as docks.
  3. chriscardinal

    chriscardinal Member

    It looks like a big fat negatory on that:


    In the case of the Verizon Wireless Galaxy
  4. machiz7888

    machiz7888 Well-Known Member

  5. chriscardinal

    chriscardinal Member

    Yeah, I noticed that... it's even more confusing now.
  6. efdisaster

    efdisaster Well-Known Member

    so, um, yay?
  7. chriscardinal

    chriscardinal Member

    No, the verbiage all around it points out that the Verizon Nexus will absolutely not be compatible with the GSM docks, so it's more likely that they screwed up the model number in at least one instance. The other two seem different in model number than their GSM counterparts, but all of these numbers are unreliable or incredibly difficult to track down authoritatively.

    Also, really wondering about the landscape desktop dock and pogo ports resting on the right side: this completely removes access to the power button and, thus, screen control... what do we do for that?

  8. theotherrogue

    theotherrogue Well-Known Member

    All we need to get is just one person who actually has an LTE Nexus and access to a GSM-version (3-pin) car dock.

    If anyone out there can check to see if the LTE Nexus will work in the GSM dock, I'll be able to make a decision on what to order... I don't want to go too long without a vehicle dock but I also want the 3-pin option if at all possible.

  9. KrazyKarl

    KrazyKarl Member

    I (and atleast one other person in this thread) have ordered the dock from *********, but it says it won't ship till 12/23, so in a couple weeks we should have our answer. I'd be willing to bet that it either works out of the box, or with a little modification to the dock. .57mm isn't a huge difference in thickness and it should be possible to make up the difference somewhere.
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  10. bvo26

    bvo26 Member

    I think you have that backwards. They actually took the time to f their customers by gimping and locking down their products. It'd be easy to just take the docks that samsung announced like the rest of the world. It took extra effort to make this change, which is pretty infuriating.

  11. Mooem

    Mooem Well-Known Member

    Edit: Erm nevermind.
  12. KrazyKarl

    KrazyKarl Member

    Was looking at the page for verizon's dock and it's interesting that it is showing as 5 star reviewed, when all the reviewers are complaining about it not having the pins to charge it. Its best review was 2 stars and all the rest were 1 star. In the review break down it shows features as 5 stars but all the reviewers have 1 star.

    Verizon is full of BS.
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  13. eyc

    eyc Well-Known Member

    Others are mentioning that the GNEX fits in the Verizon car dock pretty
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  14. kklier

    kklier Well-Known Member

    Weird, that is the same as the GSM dock to be sold here:

    Genuine Samsung Galaxy Nexus Vehicle Dock - ECS-K1F2BEGSTD

    This one has the pogo pins I thought.
  15. ranadana

    ranadana Member

    check out this docking system, it mounts to your car dash instead. I have a Prius & the windshield is so angled the suction types wouldn't work for me. there are 2 parts you have to order if you have never used it before, a car specific mount & a phone specific holder. after that its just the holder you replace when you change phones. i don't know if it has the type of connector you all are looking for, it uses the mini usb, but it is permanently attached so shouldn't bend or wiggle. I've used ProClip for both my Eris & DInc with no port damage.
    super nice set-up!

    Dual Select Listing*-*ProClip Car Mounts for Mobile Phones, GPS, and Handheld Devices
  16. jrob007

    jrob007 Well-Known Member


    STABBAAAR Member

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  18. T-Keith

    T-Keith Well-Known Member

    They must have just posted these as I did a search yesterday for them and found nothing. I have a proclip one I bought used, and while it's nice, I don't think I'd ever pay the price they want for the charging one. Let hope someone else comes out with one soon.
  19. T-Keith

    T-Keith Well-Known Member

  20. Jay3

    Jay3 Well-Known Member

    Verizon is run by a bunch of Sith. I just know they're trying to screw us somehow. And the dock is one my killer accessories.

    I can't believe they would even try to sell that one without the pin connections for $40. That's just evil, and it makes me sure that something screwy is up.
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  21. JC13

    JC13 Well-Known Member

  22. ndwgolf

    ndwgolf Well-Known Member

    What does the suction thing stick it the dash or the wind screen???? Anyone got any pictures of it installed in there car???
  23. acr89

    acr89 Active Member

    I will probably be buying the $60 ProClip mount and plastic welding in a 3.5mm audio jack. That is if it comes out before the Samsung one is available (assuming LTE GN fits that). I also use my phone mounted on the dash rather than the windshield so It'd be nice to ditch the whole suciton cup assembly and still have charging/audio options.
  24. BankZ

    BankZ Well-Known Member

    Is there even a "dock" mode in the galaxy nexus? as a temp work-around I am trying to use tasker to put in it dock mode when connected to BlueTooth and have it start a 3rd party app. The problem is, its not going to dock mode so none of the apps are taking control of the home button :(

    I really want a car dock that uses the 3 prongs :(
  25. acr89

    acr89 Active Member

    Just use tasker to have it go into car mode when it's being charged. I always found car dock modes to be annoying anyway :)

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