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VF 945-Apps to SDSupport

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  1. shaj

    shaj New Member


    Unfortunately I bought Vodafone 945 android 2.1, facing problem of internal memory storage for apps.

    can anybody suggest anythng to fix it, I mean either to install on SD directly or to upgrade to 2.2...........?

    I hope your gud mindness guys........

  2. varun.chitre15

    varun.chitre15 Well-Known Member Developer

    Partition your sd card with Ext2 or ext3 in recovery then install link 2sd and move ur apps to sd card
    Simple method: use move to sd enabler from market and move apps to sd card.
    Note: you must be rooted in both cases.
  3. shaj

    shaj New Member

    Thanks dear, I know very few about phone and IT, please advise me how to root it, mobile repair shop can do it..? If any afterwards if rooted....?

    Any way to upgrade to 2.2, I think 2.2. version smoothly possible to install directly to SD...right?

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