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  1. ptoner

    ptoner Member


    Having an issue since updating Android from 2.3.3 to 2.3.5.
    Viber crashes in the background when I am not even using my phone and actually powers it off. When i restart it tells me that Viber has crashed and .zips the error log for me to send to them via email etc.
    Is anyone else having these issues?
    Is there any fix other than deleting viber? ( which i do not want to do).

    Many thanks in advance.

  2. sleeco

    sleeco Well-Known Member

    Try a fresh install, also contact Viber!
  3. ViberMedia

    ViberMedia Well-Known Member

    This is a member of Viber's development team.

    We'd like to hear more about this issue...
    Do you use stock or custom ROM?

    In addition, like @sleeco said, please try to uninstal-reinstall Viber.

    Let us know what's going on.

    Thanks !
    Viber Team
  4. ptoner

    ptoner Member

    Stock O2 updated via Kies.

    Will try a reinstall then... Thanks!
  5. ViberMedia

    ViberMedia Well-Known Member


    We'll be waiting for news from you :)
  6. Alexellas

    Alexellas New Member

    Have a similar (but not identical) issue with @ptoner where my S2 always crashes when i'm trying to select a viber contact inside viber to either call or text. It rarely lets me select a contact and then it crashes.
    This started happening all of a sudden today after I tried to reply to a pop-up viber text message from one of my contacts and it crashed for the first time. After that I can't send a singe text from viber. I've uninstalled and reinstalled it, cleared all cache...but the problem remains. Next step would be to restore the phone to factory settings and try again but I can't see it worth the trouble since EVERYTHING else is working flawlessly.
    Meanwhile the viber service in the background is still working and I can receive texts (not tested about calls).

    @ViberMedia, any thoughts?
    Stock Samsung Galaxy SII - gingerbread.xwki4 2.3.4
  7. ViberMedia

    ViberMedia Well-Known Member

    Since this problem simply started all of a sudden, it is hard for me to think of Viber as the culprit. This kind of problems is usually caused with custom ROMs which we don't support, but I see that this is not the case here (you're using Stock). When Viber crashes, it should give you the option of sending us logs. Did you see that?
  8. bendikrazvan

    bendikrazvan New Member

    Hi, i`m having a small problem with my galaxy s2 .

    After i instal viber on my phone after 10 sec i get the message Viber has been deactivad from this device. Please reinstal.
    I have reinstalet 50 times, even after 48 hours but i`m getting this message every time.

    I`m ussing Gingerbread 2.3.5.

    Thank you
  9. jsphang

    jsphang New Member

    I have similar problem too. I've been using Samsung Galaxy SII for 1 month. My SII hang while making call with Viber. From my observation, this happen when phone's operator network signal is weak. But so far never hang while using Viber with home's wi-fi.
    I've updated my phone from Android 2.3.5 to 2.3.6, the problem remain the same. I format my phone & restore to factory default 4 days ago, with minimal applications installed (WhatsApp, Viber, 3G Watchdog, Facebook, Flickr, & SwiftKey X), the problem remain the same.

    My Phone info:
    Baseband version: I9100GDZKJ2
    Kernel version: se.infra@SEI-30 #2
    Build number: GINGERBREAD.DZKJ2

    Hope this problem can be solved as soon as possible.
    Thanks a lot in advance.
  10. jsphang

    jsphang New Member

    This morning my viber crashed when switching on my SII :(

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  11. ViberMedia

    ViberMedia Well-Known Member


    About the sudden auto-deactivation - this is caused when a custom ROM / Kernel is installed on your device. The original phone's IMEI number is overrode by the ROM's, and this creates a situation where the same IMEI is assigned to many users.

    We plan to fix it on Viber 2.1.3, and if you would like to make sure your IMEI is on our list of fixes, you can send me a private message with your IMEI number just to make sure (found in Settings-->About Phone-->Status)

    @jsphang -
    The rare crash problem is known to us, and should be fixed in our upcoming Viber 2.1.3 version that will be released to Market soon. When you install the new version, please let us know if the problem is resolved or not.
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  12. jsphang

    jsphang New Member

    Hi! ViberMedia,

    Glad to hear from you & thanks for your quick response. Do you mean the upcoming Viber 2.1.3 will solve the switch-on-crash, as well as the above hang issue while using Viber with phone's operator network?
  13. ViberMedia

    ViberMedia Well-Known Member

    The crash problem should be solved (and if after you install 2.1.3 it still occurs, please do let me know).

    About your SII hanging when your phone's operator network is weak - please contact our support section dedicated especially for forums users, and elaborate on the problem: Your ticket details | Viber Support
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  14. Alexellas

    Alexellas New Member

    Yes i've sent you crash logs!
    Last week I actually did a phone restore, installed Viber and it worked with no problems until yesterday evening. One single crash of Viber caused the same problem I described.
    If you want I can also personally sent you the zip file of the logs if you think it would help focus on the specific problem.
  15. ViberMedia

    ViberMedia Well-Known Member

    You should add the zipped log files to your email thread with our support team (after you post a ticket in the link I gave you above, our support team will get back to you via email, and then you'll be able to attach the logs). Thank you in advance :)

    About the crash itself - can you try and think which app you installed (or setting you enabled) on your Android that could have triggered Viber crashing?
  16. Alexellas

    Alexellas New Member

    Thank you ViberMedia! I have posted the ticket you gave, received an automated response and now I'm waiting for a human response. I reckon that'll happen tomorrow since it's Sunday today.
    I can actually remember doing nothing specific before the crash. Neither a new app or a setting.
    I'm also using im+ messenger and the integrated app of gtalk at the same time. But I've always done that, wether viber was running or not.
  17. SeattleSam

    SeattleSam New Member


    I have a very unique situation and I am seeking guidance.

    I live in China. I recently purchased a Samsung Note with the stock version of 2.3.5. I had a Samsung S2 running on 2.3.2.

    I have 2 issues:
    1. Installation. I cannot install Viber. After I select China and entered my phone number, I get the "Enter Code Here" screen. When I don't get the sms text, then I follow the "Click Here". It turns out, I cannot get to the Viber Activation Page. HOWEVER. If I go home, connect to my home wireless, enable VPN, then I am able to install Viber.
    2. Not working. After I leave the house and turned off VPN, then Viber does not work. It goes into Searching Mode OR gets Disconnected.

    1. Why I cannot install Viber the "normal" way like I did before?
    2. Why Viber is not working when I am out and about?


  18. ViberMedia

    ViberMedia Well-Known Member

    Hi @SeattleSam -
    Unfortunately, 3 days ago the authorities in China have decided to block Viber in the whole country, and that is why you are experiencing this issue. Unfortunately there is not much we can do to help :(
    Try contacting the authorities and ask for the reason for this block.
  19. darklove

    darklove Member

    Hello there am having the same issue
    - when i call someone . Viber freeze and it restart the phone
    - when i get a call after like 10 min viber freeze too and the only way to get out of it is to go to the task manager by holding the home key and close it throw task manager and then force close in the applications menu

    - i did uninstall and install once again and it still the same

    Phone Info :
    Android 2.3.4
    Baseband Version: I9100GDZKH5
    Kernel Version: root@DELL81 #2
    Build Number: GINGERBREAD.JPKH8
  20. ViberMedia

    ViberMedia Well-Known Member


    Is your phone Galaxy S2 as well?
    Are you running a Custom ROM on that device? If so, which?
  21. darklove

    darklove Member

    yes my phone is Galaxy S2

    and am not running any Custom ROM
  22. ViberMedia

    ViberMedia Well-Known Member

    It is hard for me to determine the source of the problem.

    I invite you to contact our support team through this direct link: Your ticket details | Viber Support

    Describe the problem there, elaborate on the details and also specify which other apps you have installed on your phone that might collide with Viber, causing this problem. Hopefully our team will be able to help you find the source of the problem.
  23. lelis

    lelis New Member

    I have a similar problem with viber.
    I have a custom ROM on the device, a Lenovo A60 with android 2.3.5
    It's a custom ROM provided by the reseller of the phone, if you need more information I can PM you the IMEI and everything you need.

    I was only able to install Viber old version 2.0.2, but I would like a recent one to enjoy also the new features. I cannot find viber on the market, I tried to install the new versions from the apk files but the installation is not successful.Also from the Viber website I cannot install it.

    Could you please help?
    Thanks a lot!
  24. Nikhil 87

    Nikhil 87 New Member


    I recently installed android on my windows phone. It is a custom rom. I was able to install Viber via play store and it is installed and can open it. as soon as i get call or I call someone, the whole phone crashes and have to unsinstall to have my phone run back. PLease help me :(
  25. ViberMedia

    ViberMedia Well-Known Member

    @lelis -

    As a whole, please note that at this stage we don't officially support custom ROMs with Viber. Running Viber on a custom ROM results in various side effects (sometimes total lack of functionality), but we can't afford to support all custom ROMs out there. We are continuously working to adapt Viber to more and more ROMS, but meanwhile - you might want to contact the ROM developer for further support - they may be able to resolve this issue.

    Also, please note that Viber does not officially support your device yet, and that may be the reason for the problems you are experiencing. Here is the full list of officially supported devices: Can't download from Android market... | Viber Support
    We are continuously working to adapt Viber to more and more devices, and we hope to attend to the problems with your device soon. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    Now, please still describe the problem with more details (what error exactly do you experience?). We still *might* be able to assist you.

    @Nikhil 87 -
    Unfortunately the answer above is relevant to you as well - it is most likely the incompatibility with the phone or the ROM that's causing this.
    Please note that we are working these days on bringing our calling service to Viber for Windows Phone, and once we have news I'll keep you posted :)

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