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  1. mkohman

    mkohman Member

    Please can someone advise me when Viber will be available to work on ICS.. ? I have the Samsung Galaxy Nexus but unfortunately Viber is not working on ICS ;( Any news when it will be updated? Many Thanks.

  2. ViberMedia

    ViberMedia Well-Known Member

    Viber's new ICS-compatible version will be released to Market soon (hopefully 2-3 weeks). We apologize for the temporary inconvenience :(
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  3. mkohman

    mkohman Member

    Thanks for your support and great work! Very much looking forward in using it :)
  4. Qoo

    Qoo Active Member

    Hi guys, I just encountered a minor problem with Viber.
    A few days ago my Viber became extremely slow when messaging to a certain contact with whom I already have a very, very long conversation history. It literally happened from one second to another because I noticed right away that something was off. It's so bad that I can't type at all while messages are received or sent.
    I'm pretty sure that it must have to do with the long conversation history, because it only happens with this contact. Other contacts which have a much shorter conversation history work as smooth as usual.
    I haven't tried to reinstall Viber yet, because I'm afraid that I will lose all my conversation histories.
    Is this a known issue and is there a way to fix it without losing any data?
  5. ViberMedia

    ViberMedia Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the info.
    This is a known issue that we're working to fix these days, but it certainly would be helpful if you reported the details to our support team. Here's the link: Your ticket details | Viber Support
  6. Qoo

    Qoo Active Member

    Thank you for your reply, I forwarded the issue to your support team too.
    Can you tell me if you are working on getting this fixed with the next release? It is really a pain to chat in a reasonable way like this.

    While we are at it I have another question: Is there a chance that Viber will support emoji anytime soon?
  7. endone1

    endone1 New Member

    Just checked Viber in the android market and it says compatible with my galaxy nexus so I got excited and downloaded it... When I open Viber it just goes to a black screen, then closes =( Doesn't give me the chance to enter my verification code either
  8. ViberMedia

    ViberMedia Well-Known Member

    @Qoo -
    Please note that when it comes to emoticons, Android is different from iPhones in that it has a built-in emoticons system. This is what most users do when they want to send emoticons. There are also some 3rd-party emoticon apps for Android, but these cannot be viewed/sent inside Viber text messages since the apps themselves don't support Viber's messaging textbox.

    The only possible solution for emoticons inside Viber is for us to develop a built-in emoticon feature inside Viber, and that is something we are considering doing, but we still don't know when that will happen. Meanwhile, the more users request it, the greater the chances that it becomes reality. Here is the link to our feature request form in our HelpDesk: Have an idea for a new feature? | Viber Support

    @endone1 -
    Viber for ICS is coming soon - our dev team is working around the clock to complete it ASAP. Once I have news, I'll let you know.
  9. mrodgers

    mrodgers Active Member

    Just stumbled onto this thread and have a question....

    I'm using prepaid service, thus limited on everything including data. Is there a setting to only use wifi and never use 3G? That would be helpful if not. The phones are our communication link between the wife and I and I am on wifi at work, she is on wifi at home. I wouldn't want 3G to be used if she was away from wifi and would want to use the standard text messaging with my prepaid plan. We hardly use cellular for phone calls and don't have a specific calling plan, but it would be nice while at work on wifi to use the phone when needed rather than hunting down a desk phone or paying per minute charges on the prepaid. I just don't want to do it on 3G data since we are limited there as well.

    Also, being prepaid, the phones are lower quality and we are limited on internal memory. Can this be moved to the SD card, or forced to move on a rooted phone and work?

  10. hiwatt

    hiwatt Well-Known Member

    I believe if you simply turn on your wifi connection, you'll have no problem. Also, the call quality is better via wifi anyway.
  11. mrodgers

    mrodgers Active Member

    Yes, understood. That wouldn't be my problem.

    If I am at work and my wife is at home, we are both on wifi. If I call/text my wife with Viber and she has left home to run to the store, I want to make sure that she would not pick it up on 3G while she is out and use up limited data. That is why I want to know if there is a setting to only use wifi.
  12. ViberMedia

    ViberMedia Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately, Viber does not have this option - it is programmed to stay available at all times. However, remember that you can simply choose to manually not take calls when you are connected to 3G. Think of Viber as a "substitute" to your cellular service - sometimes you're available (physically) to receive the call, but choose not to take it, and only get back to that person later.

    About moving to the SD Card - please go through Viber's settings inside the "More" menu. You should find this option there.
  13. Diabo

    Diabo Well-Known Member

    You can use DroidWall, LBE *************, or avast to limit Viber to WiFi and block it from 3G.

    The only drawback is that Vibers SMS substitute will not work on a blocked 3G connection, but apps like imo, WhatsApp, or plain old SMS will fix that.
  14. tcat007

    tcat007 Well-Known Member

    Will Viber work on a wifi only tablet? If I call someone not on Viber, web site says it will route call through your cell network. Can the call be routed through GrooveIP instead? Just curious to see if it's worth downloading. I'm fairly happy with GrooveIP, just like to compare call quality, but not worth trying if it needs a cell phone#.
  15. ViberMedia

    ViberMedia Well-Known Member

    Viber does not officially support Tablets, but it should still work with most of them.
    If you have a WiFi only Tablet, then the call simply cannot be routed through your cell provider (because you don't have a SIM card). So you shouldn't worry :)

    Download it and try it out.
  16. katushi

    katushi New Member

    Are you planning to offer an external API for Viber? There are many obvious benefits to this:
    * Using "centralised" messaging and voip apps gives a consistent user experience regardless of the service being used. Anything non-standard scares the hell out of civilian users (like my parents)
    * It could be properly integrated into Android messaging, and threaded with regular sms. My recipients are guaranteed to read it, instead of disregarding yet another popup from some random app.

    * Most importantly, many unnecessary steps and other ugliness could be automated or removed by third party access.
    (I'm reminded of this everytime I see that annoying "This contact does not have Viber yet" dialogue ) The basic fallback to standard services used by Viber won't cut it when other non-standard voip and messaging services are also being used.

    In essence, I want to use one single app that will automatically pick the best available option, and do this silently and robustly.
  17. Kicksilver

    Kicksilver Well-Known Member

    Hello Viber staff,

    I've always been curious about the free service you and whatsapp offer.

    If there are no ads, how do you profit, or at least stay neutral?
  18. ViberMedia

    ViberMedia Well-Known Member

    @katushi -
    As much as we would have loved to help all users in the world by adding features inside our app that allows integration with all other VoIP and messaging API's in the world, think about how non-beneficial that is to us ;)
    An app that combines all VoIP and messaging services should be developed neutrally, by an external developer, not Viber.

    @Kicksilver -
    Currently, Viber's focus is on adding platforms, features and integrating with more platforms, as well as improving overall system performance. At the same time, we are working on additional premium services that will generate revenue once they become available. The basic Viber service - Viber to Viber phone calls and text messages - will ALWAYS be free.
  19. katushi

    katushi New Member

    Betamax, HD-DVD, RealPlayer - heard of any of them lately?
    If it gains marketshare, then it's beneficial. You'll have a much larger customer base when you eventually introduce your paid services to regular numbers (but we don't speak of this... yet ;)).

    This is precisely my point. By allowing third party access, someone else can take care of it. Having to switch between apps is clunky and inefficient; most people are willing to trade cost for simplicity and reliability.

    Finally, by releasing an official API, you can exert some control on how people use it and still promote your brand (via notifications etc). OTOH, if it's reverse engineered, you get nothing for your efforts.
    At the very least, please think about a messaging API. You have very little to lose as it's not your core product, and it would bring a massive increase in functionality.
  20. Kicksilver

    Kicksilver Well-Known Member

    Thanks for clarifying.
  21. tcat007

    tcat007 Well-Known Member

    Your FAQ:
    Can I call people who don't have Viber?
    Yes, if the person you're calling doesn't have Viber, the call will be placed like *regular call, but don't forget to invite your friends to Viber so your next call is free ;).
    *Regular calls are calls placed through your cell phone service provider, using your cell phone rate plan.

    So if you have no cell, the call "should" go through Google Voice/GrooveIP, right? But that can't do anything for call quality (other than reduce it). I see no point in trying it on a wifi tablet.

  22. Kicksilver

    Kicksilver Well-Known Member

    I tried it out today, and I have to say I like it.

    Does it drunk much juice while online? Whatsapp is pretty light, as it rarely even shows up in the battery use menu.

    ps: I found the texting to be somewhat messy. I typed the sentence and pressed "send"... then I kept writing and it sent the sentence I wanted plus part of what I was writing.

    When you're done with the text, that Send button should clear the text field so you can type the next text.

    Just my thoughts.
  23. ViberMedia

    ViberMedia Well-Known Member

    @katushi -
    Well, at the moment there aren't any concrete plans of publishing our API. If there are, you'll know about it :)

    @Kicksilver -
    Please reboot your phone, or even reinstall Viber, and see if the problem persists.
    If it does, please report it to our support team, because it's not a known issue :)
    Here's the link: Your ticket details | Viber Support
  24. Kicksilver

    Kicksilver Well-Known Member

    Alright, I'll do it.

    I have a feeling that Viber for Android will be getting MANY users, because Whatsapp is given in a 1-year trial. I didn't know about that until today. While I think 2 bucks/year is not big deal, many people don't have credit cards (the young ones) or don't trust online purchases...

    So, as you said, Viber texting will always be free, I see many people migrating over.

    ps: you should implement some different color schemes. That purple doesn't help much... Maybe in settings there could be a menu where you'd select your preferred color scheme? Red, blue, silver, black... As a super AMOLED-supported device user, I'd really like a black theme, so it won't use any battery at all while displaying the chat window.

    Also, a background wallpaper for the chatting screen would be nice. :)

    Of course, that should be optional, you stick with what you prefer.

    Props for being so helpful.
  25. ilyaabr

    ilyaabr Member

    Hi, So this is might be a problem, that i cannot run Viber on Samsung Galaxy s2 i9100 with android version 4.0.3?

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