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  1. akkamaan

    akkamaan Member

    Hi all! I'm new to the forum! :D

    I have a question/problem with the Viber location sharing feature.

    I can see some of my contacts location, but others I cant see.

    I have looked up the, and there is an instruction that was posted in October 2011. Since I cant post links yet, I post a quote:

    What I cant see in my Viber software, is the "on 'Options' and turn 'On' the 'Share location' option."

    Did this "turn 'On' " option disappear over time since last year, or is it that I just cant find it??

    Maybe someone can post a phone screen shot that shows this "turn 'On' " ?! :)

    A second question is , why location accuracy not seems to be better than about 300ft, even when gps is turned on??


    "oh come on"

    Per A

  2. I don't use Viber, so I don't know.

    In that case it looks like Viber uses only tower triangulation for location. Not GPS.

    If you would like to let your party know (exactly) where you are you can send them a free 'Glympse'. Then they can see your GPS location – including your movements – in realtime on a dynamic zoomable map in their web browser. Time limited for privacy.
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  3. akkamaan

    akkamaan Member

    hmmm....seems like accuracy improves from 2000-3000ft to 300ft when gps is turned on...
  4. Either party can do that by setting up Latitude (probably preloaded on your device), FourSquare, or similar. They operate, however, on the basis of 'permanently-on', which leaves no room, literally, for privacy. That may not be desirable. Glympse is time limited to deal with exactly that problem.

    You also need to realize that permanently 'broadcasting' (or 'narrowcasting' as with Glympse) your location will negatively impact your battery life.
  5. akkamaan

    akkamaan Member

    Thanks for your very knowledgeable comments. Of course (oh come on) I am aware of the privacy issues, and I never said anything about being "permanently broadcasting"....

    Since you seems to be very "Glympse'd", I will check it out now...:D

    Glympse is "cool"....wish there was a feature to send location from Glympse via Viber sms and without having to "copy and paste"....
  6. Yes, you did:
    That means permanently-on...
  7. akkamaan

    akkamaan Member

    nope, only when we are in the "view each others location session"....might not be longer than 14 min and 59 seconds...thats why I started this thread to ask about how to turn it on (and off)....

    And I am not "frekkishly" afraid of showing my location in public, since I only have "clean flour in my bag...."

    Bye Sommelier
  8. You can terminate a 'Glympse' any second by tapping the big red cross, by killing the app, or, if necessary, by rebooting the phone...:D

    I think I'll stay here for a while to watch the wildlife:

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