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  1. mortymouse

    mortymouse Well-Known Member

    Anyone else using this? I just found it and am loving it so far. Its a VOIP called Viber and it works all over the world and allows you to text other Viber users for free from anywhere. This is huge for me as i travel internationally and when gone texting is always as issue even with other apps that I can use.

    Viber has zero ads and zero charges or fees, everything is free. No accounts either, your phone number is your account and it works automatically. Pretty slick.

  2. androidfonefan

    androidfonefan Well-Known Member

    I am wondering. You can call any other Viber user for free, which is great but can you call ay other phone for free.
    Cause if it can't?!
    An app that had good call quality and let you call anyone like the NetTalk app (except that app call quality is bad) and it showed a working number etc with a few bells or whistles would be nice.
    Evin if it only did good call quality and calls was all it did it would be great because more people could use the packages that have low min but unlimited text and net options and call and not use up all their min real fast.
  3. mortymouse

    mortymouse Well-Known Member

    All Viber users are free, all non Viber calls are charged as a normal call on your phone. They key here for me is that you can text and call for free to other people on Viber from pretty much anywhere in the world, all via wifi too with no charges at all. I am not totally sold on it yet as I have only been using it here locally but if it works this well when on the road its killer.
  4. mruno

    mruno Well-Known Member

    i have something better: groove ip + google voice
    groove ip lets you use wifi or cell data for voip calls to anyone for free
    google voice lets you text anyone for free
  5. mortymouse

    mortymouse Well-Known Member

    I would do that but groove is only good in US and Canada. I have to be able to access my phone and texts when in other countries and wanted to do so for free. GV is awesome btw I use it for a lot of things.
  6. ViberMedia

    ViberMedia Well-Known Member

    Hi all,
    This is a member of the Viber Development Team.

    Thanks for your comments and feedback.
    I wanted to point out that in the future, we plan to add support for calling/texting external parties (non-Viber users), but we still don't know exactly when yet.

    @mortymouse - when you are abroad nothing should change. It's still free, and if you're on a high-speed WiFi network it should work without a problem.

    Feel free to contact me with any question/suggestion you might have.
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  7. mortymouse

    mortymouse Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the post, that's great to know. I am heading back to Australia in a week or so and will report back as to how it works. I also have a sister going to Paris and she is now signed up. Thanks again for the comments and for being active in the community.
  8. ViberMedia

    ViberMedia Well-Known Member

    Hi all,

    We're running a quick survey among our users (in Viber-dedicated threads only).

    We'd like to hear your opinion: What is Viber missing the most? If you could choose the most important feature that you'd like to see in our next big version - Viber 2.1 - that's coming up soon, what would it be?

    Let your voice be heard :)
  9. mortymouse

    mortymouse Well-Known Member

    Better call quality over 3g.

    Over any and all other features you could add, this is the one that I see needs the most improvement.
  10. ViberMedia

    ViberMedia Well-Known Member

    This is actually an issue we're been working on a lot in the past few months, because we understood that in some countries, 3G network quality disrupts a large percentage of Viber calls made on it.

    Good news is that we will present a solution soon :)
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  11. mortymouse

    mortymouse Well-Known Member

    Thank you. Again, its great to see this type of activity in the forums and even better that you listed to feedback. Thanks again.
  12. ViberMedia

    ViberMedia Well-Known Member

    My pleasure!
    You (and all other users here) can always rely on my presence here for questions/suggestions about Viber.
  13. ViberMedia

    ViberMedia Well-Known Member

  14. ViberMedia

    ViberMedia Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone,
    We are excited to announce that the long-anticipated Viber 2.1 has just been released to AppStore and Market!
    Among the new features:
    - A whole new sound codec, offering higher voice quality, better support for Viber calls on 3G networks and interrupted internet connections.
    - Photo sharing inside Viber text messages.
    - Viber text messages are now location-aware, meaning you can share your current whereabouts with each and every Viber message that you send.
    - Viber now supports iOS5.
    - Viber now supports Landscape mode.
    - And many more new features and bug fixes.
    It is important to note that downloading the new version is obligatory in order to continue and use Viber as of tomorrow.
    Should you have any questions regarding this new version or about Viber in general, please do not hesitate to ask.
    the Viber Team.
  15. ViberMedia

    ViberMedia Well-Known Member

    To all,
    We (Viber) are about to release multilangual support for Viber at last!

    We would appreciate your help with translation to your personal language. If you are fluent at any other language than English, this means adding missing translated lines, and confirming the existing translations previously added by users: Translate Viber - Streamlined Translation Platform for Sites & Apps - Viber

    Remember - we let the community of our users shape Viber and decide what it looks like :)

    If you have any questions please let me know. We thank you in advance,
    the Viber Team.

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