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  1. Replicant6

    Replicant6 New Member

    Hi all,

    This is just a question about Viber profile pics.

    I have a few contacts on my Viber list who do not have profile pics. One of them used to have it, but the profile picture has since disappeared... I was wondering if that might be because they removed me as a contact on their phone, such that I no longer appear on their Viber list? Would that affect whether or not I can see their profile picture? So when they add me back as a contact, I would be able to see their profile picture again? Or is this just purely a case of them having removed the profile picture, and then put it back on?

    I ask this because all the contacts on my Viber who do not have profile pics, are those that I've never talked to on Viber, so they probably do not have me on their Viber list / in their phone contacts? Or can it be that they simply do not have a profile picture?

    Just curious as to how this feature works.


  2. zuben el genub

    zuben el genub Well-Known Member

    You have the ability to NOT add a picture. Just like on a messaging app. You can NOT have an avatar here if you don't want one.
    Yahoo has been pestering for years about a profile picture. They still haven't got it.

    Sometimes the user doesn't have a clue about how to add one. I have a friend like that..
  3. Replicant6

    Replicant6 New Member

    Um, well, yes, I AM aware of that....

    But my question was about how Viber *actually* deals with this. Sure, people may choose NOT to add a profile picture, but if they DO add a profile picture, but do not have you in their contacts list, will you not see their picture if YOU have them in your contact list? Or does that not affect whether or not you will see their profile picture?
  4. pchin2

    pchin2 New Member

    I have a similar question but at a different angle. Will add it into this thread instead of creating another one.

    In my case, I added "profile pics" to ALL my contacts (in the main phone list), therefore when I'm inside the Viber I can view these profile pics. Viber will use the pics in my phone list & add into my Viber contact list. This way is good esp those contacts that don't have their own profile pics. As for those contacts who used their own profile pics, then I will able to view "their own profile pics".

    Here's my problem: In the whole Viber contact list, somehow a few profile pics are missing although I have already added their pics in the main phone contact list. I'm not sure if this is a bug. I tried refresh & sync all my phone contact but futile. These few contacts have my number in their contact list too. They can see my viber contact. Anyone faces similar situation?

    In case, this topic has been discussed before, kindly direct me to the right thread. Thanks. :)
  5. pchin2

    pchin2 New Member

    As for Replicant6's original post: Regardless if the person has added you into his contact or not, as long as you have his number in your contact, you will able to see his profile pic in your Viber contact list (assuming he used a pic). Assuming he doesn't use any profile pic but his name will still appear in your Viber contact (except without pic) indicating he has Viber app installed in his phone.

    In my case, those Viber contacts that don't have profile pics, I would simply add them myself in my contact.

    *Pls refer to my earlier post related to this matter.

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