Vibrant update problems

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  1. lowfunk99

    lowfunk99 New Member

    I can't update my vibrant.

    I have tried on 2 computers and no luck.

    I loaded kies mini and followed the instructions. Kies does not recognize the phone at all. The phone beeps but does nothing else.

    I plugged my samsung dart in and it downloaded the driver. Kies see's this phone.

    I got the phone 2nd hand. I wonder if someone deleted the driver.

    Can someone give me the steps to take...


  2. jgreetham

    jgreetham Well-Known Member

    Check that your phone's USB setting is "Kies (Firmware Upgrade)". Go to Settings, Applications, USB Settings. I don't remember if you have to set the USB debugging in Settings, Application, Development. Also you need to run Kies Mini in a local administrator account on your PC.

    Hope this helps.
  3. lowfunk99

    lowfunk99 New Member

    That didn't work. I went to youtube and tried about every way I could find.

    win7 & kiesmini

    The only thing I get is a beep from the phone.
  4. PuritanHope

    PuritanHope New Member

    I have the same problem. I bought mine on ebay, put my tmobile sim card in and downloaded Kies, and it won't recognize it even after I changed the settings on USB.

    Please Help.
  5. PuritanHope

    PuritanHope New Member

    Found a solution for myself, I got a better USB cable and it read it on my computers.

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