Vibrant USB driver problems???

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  1. hachem28

    hachem28 Member

    Alright I'm running ICS Passion on my Vibrant and i want to revert back to stock through Odin just to get out of this edify scripting problem, and i need the drivers, here's the problem, i downloaded the drivers that are supposed to work(Samsung drivers from xda), they didn't work, i tried the drivers from samsungs websites, they didn't work. I NEED HELP!!!

    I do have android sdk, i tried galaxy nexus drivers just because its ICS lol,it obviously didn't work

  2. VibrantGalaxyS

    VibrantGalaxyS Active Member

    There might be some custom drivers floating around on xda.
  3. VibrantGalaxyS

    VibrantGalaxyS Active Member

    Alright, so I hear from xda forums that the fix for this is to install the usb drivers from Android SDK Manager. It has the option to install the usb drivers. Just go down to extras in the tree bar and it should have the option to install them.

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