vibrant wont boot into recovery

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  1. marcogiudice

    marcogiudice New Member

    can someone please help me. i got one of the new vibrants that wont boot into recovery. only the batches before august allow you to getting into recovery by holding vol up and down...i confrimed with t mobile that this a true statement... so i need another way in but cant figures it out i tried adb but it wont work either.. someone please help me email me at marcogiudice79@gmail or gtalk please thanks

  2. Comicazy

    Comicazy Member

    A friend of mine just got one of these phones. I rooted it for him a couple days ago. His gets into recovery by holding volume up and volume down along with the power button. Thats not working for you?
  3. snapper.fishes

    snapper.fishes Well-Known Member

    If the 3 button combination doesn't work, there's nothing much that you can do. Someone claimed that they were able to get into recover mode after heating up their phone (by charging it and playing games on it).

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