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vibrant wont wake up?

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  1. raptorz2

    raptorz2 New Member

    Hi, im currently on my third vibrant now. Im with bell canada and they have replaced it each time.

    First one wouldnt stay turned on it constantly shut itself off. I use it as an alarm at night and it would always be off in the morning. Sometimes it would die while sitting on my desk at work.

    Second one did the same thing only less frequently. on my way home from the store it died sitting on the seat of my car. This one however also had shitty wireless connection sitting on my wireless router didnt give it full bars.

    New one is shutting it self off now too.

    I have to hard reset or pull the battery everytime. its a pain this is a huge deal breaker, bell has already given me 6 months voice mail and caller id. if noone has a fix for this then ill be calling back and getting a iphone. which is sad cause this is a great phone.

    Other then the fact that the phone shuts itself off its a great phone and i love it. Does anyone know why it would be randomly shutting itself off?

  2. snapper.fishes

    snapper.fishes Well-Known Member

    I have never heard of a case as bad as this. Sounds like whatever shop you are going to has a seriously bad batch of phones.
  3. raptorz2

    raptorz2 New Member

    This new one is from a new shipment they recieved 2 days before.
  4. raptorz2

    raptorz2 New Member

    Is there some option that im setting wrong? because seriously the odds of getting 3 dead phones in a row is like one million too one.

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