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  1. chrisjv3393

    chrisjv3393 Well-Known Member

    Does anyone else have this problem? The phone wont vibrate wen set To vibrate for Wen u Recieve a notification..

  2. gamikzone

    gamikzone Well-Known Member

    do you have it fixed in the settings? like say you receive a message on the messaging app, you have to change your settings to always vibrate.
  3. chrisjv3393

    chrisjv3393 Well-Known Member

    Yea i fixed it in the messaging app settings lol
  4. mooreapi

    mooreapi Active Member

    No problem here, even with MP3 ringtone. But I'm also using stock notification sounds...
    I have set to always vibrate for phone ringtone and SMS/mms notification...and both my email notifications are set to tone only...everything works as set.

    chrisjv, are you using a downloaded sound or stock?

  5. chrisjv3393

    chrisjv3393 Well-Known Member

    Everything stock. Why do u ask?
  6. mooreapi

    mooreapi Active Member

    just thinking that a non-stock ring/notification might somehow mess up settings... <shrug>

    just had a you have your phone set for haptic feedback? you know, when you hit buttons or select things, you get a short buzz. if its set to on and you're not getting those, then maybe vibrate motor is stuck or dead...

  7. chrisjv3393

    chrisjv3393 Well-Known Member

    Bro I already fixed It! Loli had to set my phn to Vibrate n Then Go to my messaging settings n change to always vibrate

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