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  1. dsandb

    dsandb New Member

    when in vibrate mode, and in a case clipped to my belt, i do not feel the vibration for incoming calls or text messages. is there a way to increase the vibration, or is there a particular case with belt clip that will work better so i can better feel the vibration. i never had this problem with my old plain cell phone.

  2. TyrannoTaurus

    TyrannoTaurus Well-Known Member

    There's an app called "Contact Vibrate" that allows you to make custom vibrations for each or all of your contacts. You could try to make a longer vibration that will be more noticeable.
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  3. Coho1

    Coho1 Active Member

    No way's to just increase the actual feeling of the vibration, just the length. I recommend trying that out and seeing if it helps at all.
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  4. Demonpiggies

    Demonpiggies New Member

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    Anway I have the same issue. Just lengthening the vibration won't help me detect the vibration. If anyone has a solution please add!

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