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  1. vivekm1

    vivekm1 New Member

    I've tried to install various third party apps for SMS/texting (Handcent, Go SMS, etc) for various reasons but I always have the exact same problem with all of them: the vibrate on these apps is EXTREMELY weak. I can barely feel it even if it is in my hands. The stock messaging app vibrates perfectly fine.

    Other third party apps (i.e. scramble with friends) work perfectly fine with the powerful vibrate.

    Any help? Can't seem to find anybody else with this issue so maybe its something I'm doing?

    Thanks, in advance!

    PS. I have the Samsung-released GB update on my phone.

  2. yohannie

    yohannie Well-Known Member

    Do you remember if the vibrate was just as weak before you upgraded to Gingerbread? I remember when I upgraded to Gingerbread, there were differences in vibration strength for the haptic feedback (even on the maximum setting, the Gingerbread one was weaker).
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  3. vivekm1

    vivekm1 New Member

    Thanks for the response Yohannie,

    I don't know because I didn't try to install any third party SMS apps until after I got the gingerbread update.

    It seems to only be a problem with the messaging apps. (the soft vibrate occurs with all of the following - Skype, Kik Mesenger, Handcent, SMS Chomp, Go SMS).

    Again, any help is appreciated!


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