Vibrates on silent on calls but not on Instant Messages?General

  1. natv

    natv Member

    When I have the phone on Vibrate, it vibrates on incoming calls, but only lights up the screen to notify me of a new instant message (which I'll never notice at work)

    Is there any way to make it Vibrate for instant messages as well?

    I use Locale to automatically put my phone on Vibrate when I get to work, I'm sure if it's a feature lacking from Locale or if the G1 has no ability to Vibrate on Instant Messages?

  2. Manacit

    Manacit Well-Known Member

    Do you mean Text messages? if so I've been looking for that feature too..
  3. natv

    natv Member

    Yes, sorry, I meant text messages.

    Sometimes I only realize an hour later that I have a message because I didn't see the brief moment the screen turned on :(
  4. Manacit

    Manacit Well-Known Member

    goto Messaging then hit Menu, then Settings, scroll down and select Vibrate.
    Works great, the vibrate in general is weak on the phone (through the case and my pants), but it's there and noticeable :)

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