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Vibration mode => SMS no vibration?Support

  1. Seifer

    Seifer Active Member

    I was in a meeting and set the phone to vibration mode via the notification panel. I noticed that the phone will only vibrate if a call comes in, but not SMS. Is this correct? Cause in my previous phone, so long as I am in vibration mode, every event (call, SMS, reminder, email etc) will cause the phone to vibrate.

  2. kernels

    kernels Member

    Exact same problem and I've played around with every setting I can think of. I think its a bug personally....
  3. Smg

    Smg Well-Known Member

    When you activate vibration mode it does'nt turn on vibration for text messages. (silly i know)

    Well if you go to messages then click the menu button and go to settings go down to the bottom and under "Notification Settings" and click the tick box for "vibrate" that should work.
  4. EarlZ

    EarlZ Well-Known Member

    If you have it ticked and your in silent mode will it still vibrate ?
  5. AK47

    AK47 Member

    Try using handcent sms, the settings in there will enable the vibration mode.
  6. kernels

    kernels Member

    Must be me but couldnt get it to vibrate when phone was in vibrate mode. However after I installed Shoutout and enabled vibrate mode the phone started vibrating when recieving text.
    BTW I installed Sywpe a couple of days ago and have to admit this is MUCH MUCH better than a physical keyboard. OMG to think I regreted buying this phone at first.
  7. hanano17

    hanano17 Well-Known Member


    Shouldn't be using any other msging app (stock or otherwise) over this anyway, imo.
  8. Seifer

    Seifer Active Member

    This is quite silly, IMHO. I want my sms to vibrate when I set phone to vibration mode, and NOT to vibrate otherwise. That means everytime I toggle phone profile, I need to manually go into all the notifications and set them to vibrate?
  9. Mann311

    Mann311 New Member

    In order to set your phone to vibrate for text (sms) you have to enable haptic feedback. This is a flaw of the phone. If you're like me and dont like vibration, like typing, then turning off haptic feedback will prohibit you from setting text to vibrate
  10. smiiithy

    smiiithy New Member

    I have a Galaxy S on 2.2. Since I updated the firmware I don't get vibrate ever.

    Haptic feedback is enabled and vibrate is enabled in Handcent SMS but don't get any haptic feedback or vibrate on call or for SMS in silent or any other mode.

    Could this be a hardware fault or is there something else I need to try first?
  11. culater

    culater New Member

    Any hope of a vibrate on when In a holster or in a pocket mode (like a blackberry)? Miss that feature.
  12. jtan189

    jtan189 New Member

    After messing around with the settings, I think I isolated the problem (at least in my case).

    Go to Settings -> Sound. If you have "Silent mode" checked and the "Vibrate" option set to "Only in silent mode", but your phone isn't vibrating for an incoming SMS messages, then the problem may be your "Notification volume" setting.

    To fix this, go to Settings -> Sound and temporarily uncheck "Silent mode". Go to the "Volume" submenu. The last setting slider, "Notification volume", is probably turned all the way down. Move the slider to the right. The further right you move it, the more intense the vibration will be. After doing this, press "OK". Re-check the "Silent mode" option. That should fix the problem.

    Personally, I think that having the the volume setting control the vibration (or lack thereof) is not very intuitive. I was just about to set up Handcent as a replacement SMS app before I figured out this fix. Hope it helps someone else.

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