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  1. Zealex

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    I have an "issue" with my S3 and was looking for guidance! I'm running CleanROM 5.6 and it has the 15 quickpanel toggle mod. For sound, I have it set as silent/vibrate/sound. When it's phone won't make any sound. Vibrate, will only be vibrate and for sound I want the phone to use the external speaker for notifications and no vibration at all. I use Verizon messages as my messaging apps, and in the settings there's an option to only use vibrate in silent mode..which works with what I'm trying to accomplish. However, facebook messenger only has a vibrate box and if I tap that I'll get vibrate when my phone is set to vibrate, but it'll also vibrate when my phone has sound enabled. Is there an app that can control the vibrate the notifications of other apps similar to how light manager handles LED notifications?

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    Exact same problem and it's really frustrating not being able to just switch from profile to profile without having your phone vibrate all the time.

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