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  1. BoredSomeone

    BoredSomeone New Member

    Just recently got a new phone, Xperia Mini pro, and like it quite a bit. So far, the only problems I've encountered are very small vibration and it loses the signal easier than my old phone (Don't mind that one really).

    The vibration thing though...I looked it up, found the Smart Vibrator, and like it, but I was wondering if there is a feature/option/app that will make the phone vibrate again when I get a new message and haven't checked it.

    On my old phone, it would vibrate when I got the message, then vibrate every 5 minutes until I checked it. I forget things easily, so having that reminder helps.

    So, any options?

  2. maachine

    maachine Member

    just look under your notification options/ringtone/vibrate options for anything that says "reminder". if you cant find anything, i doubt it has it. i'm fairly new to using android but maybe there is an app for that?

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