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General Video and video apps on Galaxy Tab 3 10.1

  1. Daffydk1

    Daffydk1 New Member

    I thought I had an ok handle on using an Android system since I have had Galaxy S III phone for a couple of years. But getting a Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 and reading posts here has really opened my eyes.
    My problem:
    So far I have only tried video from subscription apps Showtime Anytime and HBO Go. Playback is whacked on both of them. Showtime freezes on playback and backs out to the previous screen or sometimes quits the app altogether. HBO Go will play ok for a day and then the next day play video but no audio.
    When I play video I have over 30 MBps download speed on the tablet, every other app shut down and power saving disabled. What can I do to improve video performance?
    Other questions:
    A couple posters have recommended using other video playback apps, will they work with subscription apps such as HBO Go?
    What is Touchwiz and why is it such a big deal / such a bad deal?
    Is there any way to turn down my touch screen sensitivity?


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