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Is it possible to make video calls from htc salsa?

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  1. priyared

    priyared New Member

    How to make video calls from my htc salsa?:confused:

  2. philipsiau

    philipsiau New Member

    I got my HTC Salsa phone today and tried to make a Skype video call. It does not work. Tried to make a video call on Fring and it does not work too. Anyone know if HTC Salsa can make a video call?
  3. garethw832

    garethw832 New Member

    I have recently purchased an HTC Salsa for my wife from O2. The specs say that it can make "Video Calls" however I have spoken to HTC and it cannot make standard "video calls" as defined by the UK networks. Many other phones including my own Nokia N8 can! To use the front facing camera to make video calls (ie internet video chats) you have to install Fring or Tango or one of the other video chat apps. As Tango does not work on Nokia phones I have installed Fring which works ok (note that you have to enable video calls in the Fring settings for it to work).

    I have complained to HTC and O2 that their adds are misleading as the Salsa can not be used to make standard network video calls.
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  4. priyared

    priyared New Member

    so have u tried fring? did fring work for u???
  5. MV_android

    MV_android New Member

    Finally any of you could able to make it to work with skype to use video
  6. ashish1991

    ashish1991 New Member

    Can we do such complete in consumer court for this type of fake adds by HTC
  7. ashish1991

    ashish1991 New Member

    We should get our money back not standing for specifications stated by them
  8. sakisuren

    sakisuren Member


    HTC Salsa do supports video calls. Install fring or tango and use Wi5 or 3G.

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