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  1. vil33

    vil33 New Member

    When I go into video recording mode, the max resolution is displays is 1280x720 even though this phone supports 1080p. I checked the hardware with software info apps and the camera is supposed to be able to capture 1080p as well. Is this a hardware or software problem? Anyone else not able to record video in 1080p?

  2. euro1990

    euro1990 Active Member

    Yeah, mine has 1280x720 as the max resolution too. I personally have no need for anything higher, the video file sizes are already huge at 720p, and more than enough quality for my needs.
  3. vil33

    vil33 New Member

    Apparently it was supposed to be 1080p but they changed it right before release so this thread can be deleted.
  4. DudeJB

    DudeJB Member

    ya the specs say 720p not 1080p.

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