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Video Chat Client Reviews

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  1. IHateMyTreo

    IHateMyTreo Well-Known Member

    Seems like nothing works on the Xoom.

    Can we start a consolidated review page for the various video chat apps?

    I'll start listing what I know, so please correct, update and add.

    Yahoo Messenger - although it's shown on AppBrain, the app can't be found in the Marketplace.

    GTalk - flat out sucks. Audio feedback means they can't hear you or if you turn the volume down to avoid feedback, you can't hear them. This improved GTalk a/v: used headset or called while Xoom was in its case (go figure); rebooted and optimized DSL modem for better upload speed. Makes it "usable" although a/v is still not as good as Skype on a PC.

    Fring - video is inverted. Only mobile to mobile.

    Tango - limited devices, only mobile to mobile. Some devices invert video.

    Qik - doesn't work on Xoom

    Skype - doesn't work on Xoom

  2. crazie.eddie

    crazie.eddie Member

    Oovoo - Doesn't install on Xoom.
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